The Procrastinator’s Best Friend for Booking Travel Accommodations — Featured on The Culture Collective

Travel/lifestyle blogger Kelley Louise recently featured AllTheRooms on her blog, the culture collective. Read about her experience with AllTheRooms and finding a place to stay on her upcoming trip: 

AllTheRooms: The Procrastinator’s Best Friend for Booking Travel Accommodations

I have a confession.

I’m going to Denver in three days, and I have yet to book a place to stay. I should know better; I am a travel blogger after all. But first and foremost, I’m definitely a procrastinator — so it’s a good thing I have a few tricks up my sleeve for finding a place to stay.

One of the really cool features about AllTheRooms is that the search engine only shows listings that are currently available, so you save time by not only sifting through every accommodation booking site at once, but also because only the rooms that are actually available show up.

Enter: How I found a place to stay in Denver this Thursday in less than 10 minutes…

I knew I wanted to stay near RiNo, so I customized my search to show listings closest to that area, and then I added in necessary perks like WiFi and sorted based on the price (lowest to highest).




Within a few minutes, you can quickly narrow down your results to showcase only the types of rooms that you’re really interested in. I spent about 10 minutes on the site and was able to find several listings that I could definitely see myself staying at.

The Best-Priced Loft

Since I sorted based on price from low to high, this space is the best one I found at the best price. At just $40/night for a room, I’d definitely be happy setting up shop for a few days in this adorable loft.



The Most Unique Space

I found this little gem next — a haunted mansion that’s been “renowned the ‘most haunted rooms’ by paranormal fans. Stay on the weekend so you can check out their murder mystery dinners.



The Easiest Instant Booker

At just $65/night, this urban space is a feasible option. I’m into the modern renovations and how the layout looks open and comfortable.


The Artist’s Choice

With its blue walls and boho-esque furniture, this space is sure to catch your eye. And um, I’m pretty sure I’d be friends with Sunshine, the resident cat.


The Penthouse in the Sky

There’s a pool table in this one, need I say more? #easysell




The Split with Friends Option

This two-bedroom apartment is located in Five Points, just south of RiNo. The full space is available via Airbnb for $230/night and sleeps 8, so I’d definitely consider this if I was staying with more friends.



The Winner

I’d feel right at home in this cozy space, and I love the details that the owner has put into the decor. Between the bright, natural light in the rooms to the location and price, this space is my top choice.




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