How to find a monthly rental in any city in the world

See the world, meet inspiring people, learn new languages and skills. All are benefits of being a digital nomad. For as many benefits, there are just as many challenges. Learning the ropes in each new undiscovered city you choose, meeting new friends and joining a new community, and finally (and possibly most painful), finding a place to stay.


Places to stay in Medellin
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I’ve been in your shoes, with about 17 different tabs open; Facebook groups, Airbnb, VRBO, Hotel, Flipkey, Couchsurfer, Jetsetter, etc, etc, etc. After getting involved in the Digital Nomads of Medellin community, I see this question more than any other on the Facebook group –

“What’s a good site to find apartments to rent monthly in Medellin?”

I only have one answer, you have to use a combination of all the sites.

When we created AllTheRooms, we had every single traveler in mind, not just those that stay in hotels or hostels, but also those who want to stay for a month or two at a time. We offer truly every room on the planet.

You’ve decided on your next stop as a digital nomad, now how do you find the perfect place to work and play?

All you do is go to, type in the city or neighborhood you’re interested in going to. Let’s use El Poblado neighborhood in Medellin as an example.


apartments in medellin


Then, filter away.



And most importantly,



Don’t assume every place that appears will have Wifi, it’s always good to have the filter on. Now you get to view all of the places available with your filters. Pro-tip, filter by distance to a landmark that is important to you (i.e. Parque Lleras, the metro station, your co-working space, etc.).


apartments in medellin



And last but not least, enjoy this beautiful paradise called Colombia!


apartments in medelllin

Ph: Ollie Lythe




How to find a monthly rental in any city in the world. Travel - Accommodation Photo: Ollie Lythe Medellin Colombia
Eleni is a lifelong nomad. A Southern California native, she is currently a digital nomad; writing about her experiences through the lens of a young millennial professional living abroad.

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