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Where to Stay in Budapest?

Where to stay in Budapest

You’re all set to wander the streets of Budapest, take in the breathtaking architecture of Matthias Church or Parliament, stroll along the Danube River and visit the Budapest Pinball Museum. All that remains is a hotel reservation. Where to stay in Budapest? From the truly palatial Four Seasons Gresham Palace Hotel to the hideaway hostels, […]

What Is the Best App for Travel?

What is the best app for travel

There is no shortage of travel apps out there, all promising to streamline your trip and relieve stress. So of all the options: What is the best app for travel? The king of the travel app jungle is Google Trips. To make it to the top of our list, an app has to be multipurpose […]

Currency or Credit Card While Traveling?

currency or credit card while traveling

The trip is all planned. The hotel is booked, sightseeing tours are arranged down to the hour and your bag is packed. Now you’re thinking about money. Do I go with the currency exchange option in the airport? Do I really want to carry around all that cash? Do I use my credit card? Can […]

What Are Your Must-Have Travel Items?

What are your must-have travel items

There are some things you just can’t leave behind when you travel. Whether it’s a fifteen-hour flight from San Francisco to Sydney or a quick car ride out to your favorite camping site, there are  travel necessities that always find a way into your suitcase or backpack. So what are your must-have travel items? We […]

What Are Some Travel Tips for Italy?

What are some travel tips for Italy?

With more than 48 million people traveling there each year,  Italy is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Famous for its history (and the effort Italians have made to preserve it), food and fashion, most travelers have a long list of places to see and things to do upon arrival. In […]

Is India Safe for a Solo Female Traveler?

Is India Safe for a solo female traveler

A series of violent sexual crimes against women (both travelers and natives) have made headlines across the world and have raised doubts about whether it’s good idea to visit India as a female traveler, especially if traveling alone. All of this sparks the question: is India safe for a solo female traveler? The general consensus […]

What Should You Know Before You Travel to Iran?

visiting Iran as a U.S. citizen

While the general Iranian population tends to be open to Western (including American) travelers, a ticket purchase must be preceded by extensive research on the current state of relations as well as the general risks taken when entering the country. The U.S. State Department’s travel advisory gives a special warning to dual national Iranian-Americans, as […]

What Hotel Chains Allow Dogs?

What hotel chains allow dogs?

Dogs are man’s best friend. And best friends travel together, right? So for your cross country road trip you need to know where your furry buddy is welcome. What hotel chains allow dogs? The Four Seasons If you need luxury for your pet, the Four Seasons has a reputation for going the extra distance for […]

Damaged Passport, Send Back or Keep?

Damaged passport, send back or keep?

You took a spill into a river while hiking in the mountains along the Colombian coast. Aside from a little knee scrape and recurring jokes from your travel buddies, you’re all good. However, when you slipped, your backpack came with you and in your backpack was your passport. The water damaged the “book cover” and […]

How to find a hostel where I can work remotely

hostels in noosa

Before you search for a hostel to satisfy your digital and nomadic needs, the first step should be to search all the available rooms out there. With some real sleuthing, it’s possible to find an Airbnb that rents out for the same price as a hostel bed (if not cheaper)! But if your heart is […]

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