What is AllTheRooms Analytics?

AllTheRooms Analytics collects, organizes, and evaluates data across the accommodations market in order to present unique insights into the short and long-term vacation rental industry. ATR Analytics is the newest addition to the AllTheRooms brand, and it capitalizes on our ability to aggregate and catalog every room on the planet. Important data from our Analytics division provides property managers, homeowners, hotel franchises, and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) with a tailored, digestible breakdown of the vacation rental market in any given country, city or neighborhood.


Combining data from all rental property types — homes, hotels, glamping, and more — ATR Analytics reports help clients make comprehensive comparisons of their property’s performance in the market against other listings, while also providing access to historical numbers that can be used to predict future trends.



AllTheRooms Search Engine & Analytics

The AllTheRooms accommodation search engine lets travelers browse and compare every place to stay in the world from over 400 providers, including Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Expedia, many more. Rather than spending hours finding the best deal across multiple sites, AllTheRooms provides a list of consolidated accommodations in one clean, user-friendly platform.


ATR Analytics, on the other hand, centers on extracting data from our vast accommodation database to identify trends in the vacation rental market. Our team is made up of data scientists, analysts, and engineers to ensure that our data is unique and accurate in its representation of the market.



What’s in an Analytics report?

An ATR Analytics report is a data-based overview indicating the current climate of any vacation rental market over a specified timeframe; this includes neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, and countries. Analytics reports can be custom created based on the criteria of clients. Below are some of the customizable features that can be included in addition to the base report.

1. Market Share Analysis: This section is broken down into two categories: the entire market and the instant book market. Here, we provide a summary of data that showcases the occupancy rate, ADR, RevPAR, and the gross revenue sum of all revenue made in the given region.

2. Trends: This section provides in-depth market analysis on a monthly or yearly basis. Property managers or hosts can use this data to set pricing as well as predict future trends in occupancy.

3. Radial Distribution Breakdown: This section supplies statistics about the given region based on the location from the property in increments of varying radii. Heat maps are also included to show booking hotspots in any given area. 

4. Projected Bookings: This section shows the estimated demand for housing in the selected range. This data helps to set pricing as well as track popular periods where the need for short-term vacation housing may rise or fall.



Who are our current clients?

Our ever-expanding client list varies from large corporations to Airbnb hosts. Regardless of size, revenue, and longevity, our data helps maximize the potential of any rental. Here we give a brief overview of our client types and how AllTheRooms Analytics supports them:

1. Hotels: As one of the oldest — and therefore most competitive — short-term accommodation options, hotel pricing can vary during the year due to several factors; for example, the season, national holidays, and events all impact the cost of a room. In order to determine accurate pricing models, hotel managers require comprehensive data to build an informed, appropriate pricing strategy. With in-depth data from vacation rental competitors, AllTheRooms Analytics offers the advantage of being up-to-date on the current status of the local and national vacation rental market.


2. Property managers: Whether looking to diversify a property’s portfolio or improve occupancy rates, our data enables property managers to review their current holdings to rentals in the area and assess how they rank in comparison to competitors.


3. Asset managers: Monitoring the performance of assets is key to a successful property portfolio. With Analytics market reports that detail Airbnb occupancy rates, RevPAR statistics for rental properties in the area, and projections for the future, asset managers can utilize this data to make savvy financial decisions.


4. Real estate investors: From small scale house sales to large real estate purchases, monitoring trends in housing occupancy, popularity, and potential profits is essential to ensuring the success of a real estate project.


5. DMOs (Destination Marketing Organization) and CVBs (Convention and Visitors Bureau): The vacation rental market can be unpredictable due to seasonal changes and various impacting external events. Recording and learning from trends is consequently a smart way to navigate the market. As DMOs and CVBs are tasked with marketing and selling a destination for tourism, ATR Analytics helps track the vacation rental market, as well as monitor the compliance of vacation rental hosts in the area.



Creating a successful future in the industry of hospitality starts with understanding patterns within the market and how to those patterns affect your business. Clients of ATR Analytics can uncover trends, determine their position relative to competitors, and estimate projected revenue. To learn more about how vacation rental data can help you with any of your business needs, contact us.   


What is AllTheRooms Analytics?
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