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International Vacation Rental Associations

Managing bookings, collecting payments, dealing with unhappy or unruly guests; these tasks are all part of running a successful vacation rental business. With the endless to-do list involved in property management, coming out on top in the vacation rental industry isn’t easy. 

But then, to make things even more difficult, the laws and regulations regarding vacation rental properties are constantly evolving, sometimes even changing entirely. These laws have a huge impact on property owners and managers. Keeping up with the changes while also operating the rental business as efficiently as possible can feel, well, impossible. 

Take the Florida laws on vacation rentals as an example. In order to legally rent out a short term property in Florida, laws state that you first need to acquire a license. This isn’t the case for all popular rental destinations and wasn’t even always the case in Florida. But for anyone planning on renting out a property here, this is an important piece of information. There are caveats like these in many places, that’s why staying in contact with an international vacation rental association can be crucial.  

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There’s No Need to Go At it Alone

Hosts are not alone when it comes to staying up to date on rental industry news and local legislation. There are several reputable international vacation rental associations around the globe offering memberships to rental industry members. 

The main goal of these organizations is to make life easier as a vacation rental owner or management company. If staying at the forefront of the industry is important to you, then check out these international vacation rental associations for property owners and managers. 

For Americans: The Vacation Rental Management Association 

At the helm of the world’s top rental resources is The Vacation Rental Management Association. This US-based organization was founded in Monterey, California and has been a leading source for American rental managers since its creation in 1985. When someone becomes a member of the VRMA, they’ll have access to educational seminars and workshops, exclusive networking events, and the latest rental-related news. 

To see what all is offered by VRMA, just visit the website; at the top of the homepage, you’ll see all the resources available to members. There are several membership types to choose from. These are the VRMA membership options available in 2019:

  • Start-Up Manager Membership
  • Manager Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Vendor/Supplier Membership

There are currently over 100,000 rental property owners and managers with active VRMA memberships and over 800 member companies. Clearly, they’re doing something right if so many individuals and companies have signed up as members. 

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For Australians: Australian Short Term Rental Accommodation Association

Whether offering glamping accommodations in Australia or renting out a luxury villa to guests, the Australian Short Term Rental Accommodation Association can help. ASTRA has been around for over 140 years and is powered entirely by volunteers and members. 

Australians who choose to join ASTRA won’t just get access to helpful resources. They’ll also be supporting a network of industry leaders who perform research and shape policies of rental property management. Here are the main benefits of joining ASTRA for Australian rental industry members: 

  • Access to the rental Code of Conduct and supporting documents
  • Contribution to industry research
  • Access to members-only information and resources
  • Major discounts on industry events
  • Access to the members-only discussion forums
  • Receive news and updates via email newsletter

Since the organization is operated by members and volunteers rather than paid employees, membership fees aren’t very expensive. Property managers can receive a year-long membership for $49AUD. Property managers pay a yearly membership depending on the number of properties managed; managing between 5 and 24 properties will cost them only $99AUD. 

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For Europeans: European Holiday Home Association

No matter where you own or manage rental properties in Europe, it’s a good idea to stay updated with European Holiday Home Association. The organization hasn’t been around for that long – it was founded in 2013 – but it has quickly become the leading rental association in the entire EU. The EHHA operates in all EU nations, uniting all property owners and managers across Europe.

Members of the EHHA include major rental industry leaders, like Airbnb, HomeAway, Interhome, TripAdvisor, and Wyndham Vacation Rentals. The aim of EHHA is to improve every aspect of the holiday home industry for its members. They accomplish this by keeping members updated on rules and regulations and providing first-class education on rental industry topics. 

The best part of the EHHA is that nobody needs to pay to gain access to their news updates. Just visit the EHHA website, click on the “News” tab at the top of the page, and you’ll have complete access to their helpful articles. 

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Other European Vacation Rental Associations

Syndicat des Professionnels de la Location Meublée (France)

Many travelers head to Paris to check out the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre while others visit vineyards and wineries throughout France. Wherever or not you, the host, are catering to these travelers, the best way to run a successful rental business is to partner with the French Union of Professional Furnished Rentals. 

Property Managers Italia (Italy)

Vacation rental managers specializing in short term property rental in Italy should consider a membership with Property Managers Italia (PMI). The organization’s main goal is to unite Italian property managers with one easy-to-access resource: PMI. They offer support on everything from basic management operations to rental legal advice to educational forums. 

Verband Deutscher Ferienhausagenturen (Germany) 

Germany’s Verband Deutscher Ferienhausagenturen (VDFA) has been around since 1997 – it’s the oldest holiday home association in the country. VDFA is committed to the interests of rental industry members not only in Germany but also in several other EU nations. 

Federación Española de Asociaciones de Viviendas y Apartamentos Turísticos (Spain)

One of the best ways to experience luxury in Spain is to stay in a luxurious rental property. Guests have no shortage of options when it comes to luxury vacation rentals, and most of these rentals have partnered with FEVITUR. FEVITUR represents over 125,000 vacation rentals all throughout Spain, keeping members updated on industry policy changes. 

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