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The Best Apps For Vacation Rental Businesses

Owning a vacation rental business can be quite chaotic. At times, it seems like a juggling act of guests, multiple properties, and global currencies with the demands of hospitality, customer service, and being an entrepreneur all thrown into the mix. The vacation rental business has changed the way people travel. No longer is a room at the Holiday Inn the only (affordable) option when on the go. Platforms like Airbnb and VRBO have condensed travel accommodations into a fully digital experience, one that directly connects vacation rental owners with travelers. Luckily, there are tons of vacation rental apps to help run your business as efficiently as possible. Here are some of the top vacation rental apps.

1. Rentals United

Rentals United is a cloud-based app that specializes in management and online booking. With this app, vacation rental owners can sync all of their existing listings in one place from sites like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway,, and more vacation rental sites. Users get access to a booking calendar and receive real-time notifications on bookings, cancellations, and guest comments. Rentals United also allows you to advertise short-term rentals across a wide variety of both global and local booking sites. Users enjoy an impressive 25% average booking increase.

2. Guesty

Guesty is an all-in-one property management app for short-term rentals. It offers features such as a channel manager, unified inbox, open API, multi-calendar, and 24/7 guest communication. Property owners can manage the entire maintenance process from their phones. Cleaners can view their upcoming and future jobs all accompanied by detailed descriptions and the listing address. This efficient task-management app streamlines all of your important ‘to do’ tasks in one place.

3. Streamline

Streamline is a vacation rental software that condenses task-management into four convenient apps: a guest app, a maintenance app, a housekeeping app, and a property owner app. Streamline allows property owners to stay in touch with past guests to get a closer look at travel trends and behaviors with their CRM/Guest Marketing feature. Users can also stay on top of their business performance and growth with Streamline’s nifty SEO and data reporting features. Streamline is a great option to manage your property while also using their numerous features to maximize your business.

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4. Tado

Want to manage room temperature for your guests while on the go? Tado allows property owners to adjust room temperature through a mobile app. As your personal Climate Assistant, Tado helps property owners reduce heating costs and ensures guests arrive at perfectly cooled or heated homes after a long day out and about. Up your hospitality game with this convenient and eco-friendly application.

5. Lodgify

Lodgify is an all-in-one solution for property owners and managers. The cloud-based software program is designed to help owners and managers maximize online visibility, increase business, and conveniently manage properties and guests. Lodgify offers a website-building feature along with SEO and marketing services. Lodgify’s channel manager feature allows users to synchronize all existing rental listings and reservations which means your calendar is always up-to-date.

6. Handy

Handy is an excellent home cleaning and services app that directly links property managers with industry-leading professionals to make the upkeep of rental properties as easy as a click on your phone or tablet. With Handy, users can instantly book top-rated professionals for furniture assembly, TV mounting, wall hanging, and other handiwork. Tackle pesky jobs instantly and while on the go.

7. Vert S

Vert S is a conversions app that helps vacation rental owners work with, and accept, all kinds of global currencies and measurement units. Communicate room measurements, prices, location information, and much more with guests from all around the world without worrying about calculating tiresome conversions. Currently offered for free for all IOS products, Vert S will make converting prices and measurements a breeze.

8. MyVR

MyVR is a cloud-based software perfect for property owners, managers, landlords, and real estate professionals looking to streamline the booking process. Users can build their own websites with MyVR’s built-in marketing and promotional services. Take payments online, build your own database, and market your own brand all in one place. MyVR integrates with numerous booking sites including Airbnb,, and Flipkey.

9. iGMS

This all-in-one vacation rentals software automates the business end so you can easily interact and communicate with your guests. iGMS offers in-app services like direct communication, automated messaging, price management, and multi-platform synchronization. The app’s price management toolkit allows owners and managers to automate discounts and minimum stay rules which help to increase occupancy rates.

10. Party Squasher

Concerned about the safety of your properties? While vacation rental owners can set certain rules, guidelines, and pricing measures to regulate occupancy for each of their locations, Party Squasher helps ensure properties are not being used to host raucous, damaging, and perhaps costly parties. Owners simply put the Party Squasher box inside their home(s) and respond to alerts via text. The Party Squasher box detects the number of phones in an area and then sends alerts to homeowners or property managers when personalized occupancy limits are violated.


Sometimes deciding prices and minimum stay requirements can be a major headache, especially when you’re new to the vacation rentals space. Let do the work for you. This app recommends pricing and minimum stay requirements based off area statistics. reports your position in searches and ensures you do not miss out on opportunities because your pricing is off. As a result, can help get your listing in the top of search appearances.

12. Avantio

Avantio is another great cloud-based vacation rental software. The app is for vacation rental professional agencies with a significant amount of properties looking to do everything in one place. Avantio integrates with Quickbooks, Stripe, Pricelab, and other third-party software. Avantio encompasses the entire rental process, including booking, accounting, payments, and legal procedures. Don’t miss a step with this app.

13. HelloHere

Want to keep in touch with your guests throughout their stay? HelloHere is a hospitality app that will help you do just that. Easily communicate with your guests through this interactive app’s convenient services. Offer your guests local recommendations, in-house accommodations, and insider knowledge about the area. HelloHere is designed to help vacation rental owners maximize rental profit while saving time and money. Make sure your guests get the most out of their stay and solidify your status as a go-to destination in your city.

14. Roomonitor

Roomonitor is a mobile app that enables hosts to monitor rooms 24/7 on the go. This app lets you unlock vacation homes from your phone, control noise, and respond to possible incidents in real-time. Avoid potential issues with neighbors by taking an active role in monitoring noise levels of your vacation rentals.

15. Igloo Home

What’s something you lose almost every day? If the answer is “my keys,” this app may be the perfect solution for you and your guests. The last thing a guest wants to do is lose the keys to their temporary home after a long day of traveling. Igloo Home provides smart locks and lock boxes that make losing your keys a thing of the past. Owners can unlock rentals by using a PIN or a Bluetooth Key programmed to last however long the rental is booked for particular guests. Choose the smarter lock solution and never have an “I’m locked out…” mishap again.

Whether you already own a vacation rental business or are looking to get into the industry, these apps will make your life a million times easier. Maximize your profits, online visibility, and guest experience with cutting edge vacation rental software.