The Best Interactive Floor Plan Providers


When designing any type of space, determining the optimal floor plan can be difficult. How large should the master bathroom be? Should the home focus on an open concept design? Is this a rental vacation home or for your own personal use? These questions and more regarding floor plans are certain to come up when designing a space from scratch. No matter if you’re shopping for a new home, building one from the ground up, or trying to enhance the current design of your space, investing in an interactive floor plan for real estate is a smart idea. Here you can learn the basics of interactive floor plan services, how they can help, and the best interactive floor plan providers on the market. 

What is an Interactive Floor Plan?

An interactive floor plan is similar to a traditional one, only you are able to view it, well, more interactively. You’ll be able to view a series of floor plans online and take virtual tours to see which one suits your needs best. 

This type of floor plan gives you the chance to visualize a space – anything from a home, apartment, condo or commercial building – in a hands-on way that makes sense. The top services and software providers allow users to view 2D and 3D floor plans, take a virtual tour of the space, and test out pieces of furniture and a variety of fixtures before installation.  


Benefits of Using Interactive Floor Plan Services

Some sources say there is no such thing as visual learning, but this is hard to believe. There’s no doubt that certain individuals learn and interpret things better when they are able to visually take in a piece of information. 

For these individuals, an interactive floor plan service will make all the difference when designing or building on their property. Browsing around for services that offer interactive floor plans isn’t just optimal for visual learners, though. There are several benefits to using interactive floor plan creation.


They Allow the User to “Draw a Picture”

If you know what you want for your space in your head, but you’re struggling to put it all down on paper, an interactive floor plan can help. It quite literally allows you to draw a picture of the current space or how you hope the space to look in the near future. 


They Improve Property Listings

Interactive floor plans are not just useful for assistance in designing a space. They can also help with selling properties. One of the smartest things you can do when selling a property – or even renting one – is to include an interactive floor plan on the listing site. This will not only make your property stand out, but also give potential buyers a true sense of the place. 


Important Considerations When Choosing a Floor Plan Provider

There is no shortage of floor plan services to choose from, but shopping around for one still proves to be difficult. Part of the reason is not all services like this go by the name of “interactive floor plan provider”. 

Some refer to themselves as a space management software, others merely as floor plan providers (without the word interactive). Keep this in mind as you browse. Here are a few things to consider before landing on the optimal floor plan software (or space management software) for you:

  • Cost (there are several top-rated free services to choose from)
  • Tools and services provided (e.g. 3D floor plan, virtual tour, etc.)
  • Customer reviews and satisfaction ratings
  • Personal reasons for investing (e.g. selling a property, designing a vacation rental, or creating the home of your dreams)
  • Full-service mobile app, web browser, or downloadable software floor plan service?


The Best Interactive Floor Plan Providers

Before deciding on the floor plan provider that is right for you, you must establish your floor plan goals. If you’re renting a property, determine whether this space will be for senior renters or renters hoping to experience luxury, for example, and put yourself in the shoes of your potential guests. 

If this is a space that you yourself will live in, then what are your hopes and dreams for your home sweet home? Whatever they are, these top interactive floor plan providers can make those dreams a reality. And the best part is that some of these providers offer a subscription option that is completely free of charge. 



Anyone who does not consider themselves especially tech-savvy or a design guru will love SketchUp. It is a completely user-friendly 3D design tool that can be helpful during any stage of the design process, no matter if the property just needs a “new look” or it has yet to be built. 

The free membership allows users to visit the design tool on a web browser to create 3D floor plans. The paid version will be more suited to professional designers and property managers, but it will set you back about $700 for the year. Some reviewers have stated that this is a small price to pay for a stunning architectural and interior design platform like SketchUp. 



If you are creating and viewing a 3D or 2D floor plan from a mobile device, check out CubiCasa. In five minutes or less you can scan your property with your phone camera. CubiCasa will then generate an amazing floor plan with the exact room dimensions. Oh yeah, and the first scan is free!

The CubiCasa app works great with Airbnb listings. You can create your floor plan by using your phone to scan, and then upload the final product to your Airbnb account. This method has actually been proven to increase bookings for property owners and managers using the competitive Airbnb listing site.



The creators of TruPlace interactive floor plans take advantage of the fact that the human brain processes a photo 60,000 times faster than text. This is why TruPlace will actually send a professional photographer to your home to capture the best aspects of your property, and then transform those images into an interactive floor plan. 

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