Best Toiletries Suppliers for Vacation Rentals


How many times have you realized last minute that you forgot to pack a toothbrush? It’s easy to forget the little (but important) things when on the go. Packing is a duly task that most travelers set aside critical time to do before their trip. But even with the help of lists, lists, and more lists, it’s still somehow possible to wind up in the vacation of your dreams without your toothbrush. 

This is where vacation rental owners come in to save the day. As an owner, host or property manager, you want to make sure your guests arrive in well-stocked rental homes that have all the little things your guests may have forgotten or might run out of throughout the duration of their stay. Keeping your rental property stocked with vacation home amenities and toiletries says to your guests, “Hey, I’ve got you covered,” which is an excellent way to improve the overall guest experience. Market your rental home’s impressive supply of amenities, toiletries, and accessories on listing sites to let guests know they’ll have the luxury of free necessities when staying in your place. Here are the top 9 toiletries suppliers for vacation rentals:


Accent Amenities

Ships to: US

Best for: Guest Amenities and Toiletries 

Accent Amenities specializes in high-quality, yet affordable, bathroom amenities. They partner with hotels, inns, resorts, B&Bs, and vacation rentals. They’ve got you covered with all personal care products including toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, ear plugs, eye shades, deodorant, brushes, and makeup remover wipes. You can purchase samples and kits that include these personal care items. Accent Amenities offers a long list of unique and beautifully packaged collections perfect for adding a personal touch to your vacation rental home. Stock up on their eco collection to provide your guests with sustainably made personal care products. Or opt for their Hydro Spa line to offer a luxurious atmosphere. Browse their numerous, high-quality options for an affordable price.

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Vacation Home Amenities

Ships to: US States, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico

Best for: Guest Toiletries

Vacation Home Amenities offers a comprehensive collection of guest toiletries including soaps, shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, and body wash. Their Rental Ready Hotel Amenity Kits are a great bundle deal and are free to ship. Shop in bulk or for individually wrapped, travel size amenities and toiletries. Their numerous collections include Beach Therapy, Mountain Escape, Lake Life, Retreat, and R&R Essentials. Match your vacation home’s specific atmosphere and capture a beachy, mountainous or spa-like feeling with Vacation Home Amenities’ wide variety of guest toiletries. 

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Ships to: US*

Best for: Indoor & Outdoor Amenities, Toiletries, Housekeeping

aBundle covers everything. Seriously. aBundle offers supplies for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, housekeeping, and outdoor space. They even cover electronics, baby supplies, maintenance, pet, pool & patio, safety, and signs. Shop everything your vacation properties need from duvets to cutlery, pillows to cleaning supplies, dog bowls to shower curtains, and much, much more. aBundle is a one-stop-shop for everything. But don’t feel overwhelmed; shop their kits for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, amenity, and luxury bundles. 

*aBundle ships to the US but has access to global shipping through American Hotel Register.

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Simply Supplies

Ships to: US States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada

Best for: Bath Amenities and Appliances

Simply Supplies provides beautifully packaged, high-quality, and affordable bath amenities, textiles, appliances and accessories, and coffee and tea. Shop for ironing supplies, closet necessities, hairdryers, bed linens, towels, robes, slippers, and much more. One-up hotel toiletries with Simply Supplies’ luxurious bath and bedroom products and add a unique touch with their wide variety of collections. 

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Ships to: Worldwide

Best for: Guest Toiletries

Boxpitality is a hospitality supplier for vacation rentals, inns, and B&Bs. Boxpitality first started as an exclusive partner with Airbnb but has since expanded to vacation rentals, B&Bs, and inns. Shop in bulk and customize (or even personalize) the product logo with their custom-made toiletry kits. This is a clever marketing tool to help solidify your brand. Your guests may leave with one of your customized shampoos or soaps and remember your brand name (as well as their excellent experience) along their travels. Make a lasting impression on your guests with Boxpitality’s customizable products. Their minimum order size is 1,000 kits, which includes 4,000 bottles.

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Beach House Logos

Ships to: Worldwide

Best for: Staff Apparel, Accessories, Office Supplies

Beach House Logos is a worldwide distributor of apparel, guest toiletries, accessories, drinkware, and office supplies. Beach House Logos is great for vacation rental owners who own multiple properties with housing or wait staff. Shop Beach House Logos have a seemingly endless hospitality catalog of kitchen aprons, chefs coats, and formal uniform attire. Another plus is their office supplies section. Make sure your business travelers have everything they need during business stays.


BNBsupplies (Totally BNB)

Ships to: Worldwide

Best for: Food & Beverage, Guest Amenities, Accessories, Housekeeping

BNBsupplies is an Australian-based company that ships high-quality hotel amenities worldwide. BNBsupplies covers all of the basics (housekeeping, kitchenware, guest amenities, bed and bath) but also offers specialty products like food, beverage, and artwork. Staging listing photos to include food and artwork in the frame is one of many photography tricks to best market your vacation home online.


Out of Eden

Ships to: UK

Best for: Food & Beverage, Guest Toiletries, Kitchen and Dining

Out of Eden is a UK-based company that specializes in food, beverage, kitchen, and dining. Stock your vacation rental with bed and breakfast essentials like jams, biscuits, coffee, milk, cereals, sweeteners, and much more. Your guests will appreciate waking up to a complimentary spread of delicious treats. Shop their extensive array of housekeeping supplies, bathroom necessities, toiletries, amenities, and much more. Out of Eden is completely stocked with everything UK-based vacation property owners could ever dream of needing for their rental homes. 

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Ships to: Worldwide

Best for: Guest Amenities, Bath & Bedding

BNBgoodies offers premium goods up to par with the most upscale hotels and spas. BNBgoodies specializes in luxury bath and body sets, which include world-class soaps and shampoos. Shop their elegant list of microfiber sheets and linens. BNBgoodies is the perfect way to give your guests a taste of luxury.

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Resort inns and hotels have been providing free toiletries for years. The travel size soaps and shampoos perennially stocked in hotel bathrooms have become staples of the hotel experience, the trademark of a trip. As a vacation rental owner, you’re in the position to maximize this personal touch because unlike hoteliers, you don’t house hundreds (sometimes thousands) of guests per day. This can be where vacation rental owners excel. Providing free vacation home amenities can give your guests a cozy home-away-from-home feeling that will make any stay a memorable experience. 

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