Best Training Sites for Vacation Rental Professionals


Vacation rental owners and managers often ask where to find the best training and education programs for their properties. In an increasingly competitive vacation rental industry, a property owner can maximize revenue and provide better guest experience by investing the time and money completing training. 

Whether new to the game and looking to make a little side money or an experienced manager, you can harness your potential through the online training sites offering case studies, trend report analysis, and tips from accomplished vacation rental professionals. Many of the courses and training programs run entirely online with flexible schedules. Plus, training sites for vacation rentals often run promotions or have free information available online. 


VRMB, which stands for Vacation Rental Marketing Blog, provides a free online resource helping vacation rental owners and managers increase bookings and maximize revenue on rental properties. Its founder, Matt Landau, comes from a background as a travel journalist for the largest travel agency in Costa Rica. Landau, who also has a degree in economics, draws from his experience in learning what works best for vacation rental professionals and what doesn’t.

The regularly-updated website features guest posts from successful vacation rental professionals and analyzes trends in the vacation rental industry using case studies and trends reports. VRMB also has its Inner Circle program for paid members. Membership gains access to video courses, ebooks, workshop, and meetups helping vacation rental management achieve their potential.


Vacation Rental Formula

If you like VRMB, make sure to also check out Vacation Rental Formula. VRMB Founder, Matt Landau, calls Vacation Rental Formula Co-Founder, Heather Bayer, “The veritable godmother of vacation rentals because she’s been doing this for longer than pretty much all of us combined!” Bayer, along with her son and daughter in law, draws from her experience owning seven rentals and managing over 200.

Vacation Rental Formula offers a comprehensive online resource center specifically tailored for both vacation rental owners and managers. Fans of podcasts can listen to discussions delving into all things hospitality management. You’ll also find informative blogs featuring tips and tricks and case studies demonstrating how the experiences of others have met the challenges of managing a short-term rental. 

You can follow Vacation Rental Formula on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to stay in the loop on monthly “How-To” webinars, upcoming podcasts releases, and blog posts. A membership with the Formula Club gives exclusive access to some of the most experienced advisors in the vacation rental industry. You also receive online training through The Formula Club Action Plan Library with an attentive 24/7 hotline.


Vacation Rental Secrets

Vacation Rental Secrets brings together experienced professionals with proven records of success in tourism and property owners and managers. Founder, Antonio Bortolotti built a successful career in different levels of tourism over the last two decades. He also served as the speaker, host, and coach of the Vacation Rental World Summit, teaching property owners how to streamline workflow, increase bookings on listing sites, and maximize revenue. 

The Vacation Rental Secrets’ “Get Fully Booked” formula walks participants through three modules made of videos, tutorials, documents, downloads, cheat sheets, and blueprints on how to increase bookings, improve the reputation of vacation rentals businesses, and build a standout website. Bortolotti also offers 1-on-1 consultations with bookings available through the website.



Consider yourself a tech-savvy property manager? You should join the community over at RentalPreneurs. RentalPreneurs aims to help vacation rental owners and managers leverage the latest in business and tech innovation. 

The active community boasts over 2,300 members and counting, offering outstanding networking opportunities. You can visit the site to get free reports or subscribe to the monthly newsletter for a roundup on the latest trends report of the vacation rental industry. 

RentalPreneurs also offers marketing courses with the goal of generating more rental leads, building better relationships with leads, nurturing leads to booking, close more bookings (both online and over the phone), upsell through concierge services and insurance, and reactivate leads who failed to book.


Vacation Rental Conferences

Sure, sitting behind a computer for training or reading a blog update on your smartphone might be convenient. However, face-to-face workshops and training programs can put you in the room with industry experts and provide excellent opportunities to network with other property managers in-person. 

Although most conferences take place in the United States and Europe, you can come across summits around the world. For example, VR Tech hosts a free conference in an intimate setting for vacation rental professionals, including experts from the sites mentioned above, and relevant tech companies. Previous VR Tech venues have included Barcelona, Edinburgh, London, Madrid, and Paris. 

The larger-scale conference, VRM Intel Live!, which also runs an online news source for the vacation rental industry, has hosted events with paid admission in Orange Beach, Breckenridge, Maui, and London for over 1,000 attendees.

Some of the leading events in the vacation rental industry from 2019 include: 

– GuestyVal (Israel) 

– Host (London) 

– KigoWorld (Barcelona) 

– RezFest (Las Vegas) 

– Short Stay Show (London) 

– Vacation Rental Success Summit (US) 

– Vacation Rental Women’s Summit Vacation Rental World Summit (Italy) 

– VRM Intel Data and Revenue Management Conference (Atlanta) 

– VR Mastered Bootcamp (St Louis) 

– VRMA European Conference (Czech Republic) 

– VRMA International Conference (New Orleans)

As with other conferences, the locations may change from year to year. If interested in joining other like-minded professionals, try searching for upcoming conferences near you, or plan a special getaway to learn how to optimize your vacation rental businesses. Taking the time and money to attend a conference can help expand your network, discover the resources available to you, and pay off in the long run to maximize profits. 

Maybe you have already attended a conference or two or completed an online course. Now what? Make sure to sign up for newsletters or follow social media pages. You’ll receive regular emails and posts keeping you updated on trends and tips from true experts. Staying informed will give you an advantage over the competition, inspire ideas to improve guest experiences, and unlock the potential of your vacation rental businesses.

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