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Airbnb Regulations in LA

As of July 1st, 2019 a number of new regulations ...

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How Much Should Orlando VR Hosts Charge During the Holidays?

Calling Orlando a popular vacation rental destination would be a ...

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Are Short-Term Rentals Allowed in Toronto?

Cities all around the world have been clamping down on ...

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Vacation Rental Regulations in NYC

In recent years, New York City has seriously clamped down ...

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Are Short-Term Rentals Illegal in Singapore?

Singapore has some of the strictest Airbnb and home rental ...

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Are Vacation Rentals Legal in Las Vegas?

Just about everything goes in Sin City, but are vacation ...

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Are Vacation Rentals Legal in Hawaii?

Cities and destinations all around the world have been clamping ...

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Are Vacation Rentals Legal in Florida?

Every year, Florida sits comfortably in the top five most ...

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What is Short-Term Rental Tax in Florida?

All over the world, travelers are foregoing their hotel room ...

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Can a Vacation Home Be Used in a 1031 Exchange?

Unless a property owner works as a professional accountant, understanding ...

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