Event Analysis

Event Analysis Report

AllTheRooms’ unique data is the missing link in understanding the relationships between events and vacation rental marketplaces. Our Event Analysis Report includes:

A thorough event-based market breakdown

Evaluate the day-by-day impacts of an event on a range of important industry metrics. See how the vacation market responds prior to, during, and after any chosen event.

Data for a wide range of uses

Property managers use this report to conduct management and pricing strategies in accordance with upcoming events, while DMOs and municipalities use the analysis to understand how events impact related industries and businesses.


Curated, Market-Specific Data

Big events have the capacity to influence vacation rental markets in extremely dynamic ways. With AllTheRooms’ unique Event Analysis Reports, clients can hone in on how a basketball tournament can impact the demand for accommodations, how a music festival can shake up occupancy rates, how a trade show can cause erratic fluctuations in a market’s ADRs, or even how fluke weather patterns can impact the supply of accommodations.


Any Event, Anytime, Anywhere

Track the year-over-year impact of a recurring event, conduct a cross-location analysis to discover how similar events affect different markets, or simply study the impact of one big-ticket event in one location.

Having access to a robust and comprehensive set of event-specific data is an indispensable tool for staying one step ahead of the competition. Property managers who have an informed strategy utilizing data are poised to outperform those who don’t.

Learn how an Event Analysis report can revolutionize your understanding of a market.

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