Free Vacation Rental Marketing E-Books


As the vacation rental industry becomes increasingly more competitive, so too does the need to stay on top of the latest trends to ensure the success of your property. You don’t necessarily have to pay for expensive training courses to learn what works for marketing your vacation rental. You can find plenty of online resources like e-books available for free that teach strategies for vacation rental marketing, how to nurture leads, and close more bookings. Here are the best free vacation rental marketing e-books for every type of host and marketing need:

A General Overview of Marketing and Managing Your Vacation Rental

Looking for a general idea on how to get started with marketing your vacation rental? The vacation rental network, Evolve, released this 35-page free ebook to provide an overview of how to market your holiday rental great for newbies. The Ultimate Vacation Rental Success Guide contains an easy-to-follow checklist with marketing tips plus other essentials like how to prepare for guest arrival, important legal and tax considerations for property management, improving guest experience, and proven tactics for your vacation rental success.


Free Ebook to Convert Vacation Rental Visitors and Increase Bookings

Vacation rental managers and owners often have trouble connecting the dots between leading traffic to your listing and converting those potential guests into actual bookings. The How to Convert Vacation Rental Visitors and Increase Bookings ebook addresses these concerns, specifically in how to take leads from social media or listing sites and nurture those leads to book through direct, efficient customer practices. 


Who’s Who of the Vacation Rental World

Each year, VR Tech releases it’s Who’s Who of the Vacation Rental World, a free ebook listing practically everyone important in the vacation rental business. The free resource provides a great way to find other professional and technology companies in the vacation rental industry. The book contains sections devoted to different industry categories including advertising, copywriting, cleaning and maintenance, inspection tools, and vacation rental management apps. You can download the ebook as well as get your vacation rental website listed. VR Tech also hosts its free conference each year, an excellent opportunity to network among others in the vacation rental business and hear from experts in the industry worldwide.


How To Market Vacation Rentals During the Low Season

Low season in the vacation rental business can mark a time for stress trying to fill guests booking. This Low Season Vacation Rental Ebook explains ways of marketing your vacation rental to maintain a steady stream of guests even when things quiet down for the low season.


How to Get More Bookings on Your Vacation Rental Website

The Lodgify vacation rental software published an informative ebook that is redefining vacation rental management. For owners and managers, this free ebook is a must-read. The How to Get More Bookings on Your Vacation Rental Website pools together expert advice on tried and true ways to increase online bookings. The 30-page read walks you through marketing your vacation rental from start to finish both online and offline. 


Choosing the Right Listing Site and Making Your Rental Stand Out

Choosing the right listing site to market your holiday rental can make all the difference as you’ll come to learn in this free ebook. The Channel Manager Free Vacation Rentals ebook demonstrates effective ways to advertise vacation rentals on listing sites. You’ll gain tips for choosing the right portals and how to make your holiday rental stand out to potential guests.


Improving Photos of Your Holiday Rental

Author and photographer for vacation rentals, Tyann Marcink, also owns her own vacation rental. In her free ebook, Checklist of Photos for Your Vacation Rental Property, Marcink shares the art of getting the right images of your holiday rental with easy-to-understand explanations (even if you don’t have a knack for photography). Considering the huge importance of photos for marketing your vacation rental, you’ll definitely want to download this free ebook to boost business.


Generate Bookings Through Social Media

With so many channels and strategies out there, it can feel overwhelming for vacation rental managers to master social media marketing. Jay William, a vacation rental marketer, blogger, and entrepreneur who worked for TripAdvisor, shares his insights on social media marketing for a vacation rental property in Social Marketing like an Astronaut. The free ebook, will teach you to take full advantage of marketing tools through places like Facebook. You’ll not only increase engagement of potential guests through likes and sharing but also develop effective marketing strategies that increase conversions from social traffic. 


Mastering Facebook Ads on a Budget

With 1.47 billion daily active users, Facebook presents a marketing channel that vacation rental managers simply can’t ignore. Having trouble figuring out how Facebook and search engines can lead to increased books? This particular publication focuses on tools available to succeed in marketing your vacation rental on Facebook, especially for those with a limited budget. 

Elaine Watt shares her success stories hosting top-ranked podcasts, “Holiday Let Success” and “Live Love Worcestershire”. Advertising Vacation Rentals – Facebook Mastery: How to build a following on Facebook for your Vacation Rental fast with little to no Marketing Budget, Build your List and Increase Bookings is conveniently available to download on your Kindle at Amazon.


Taking Your Vacation Rental to the Next Level

Once you’ve covered all the bases of marketing your holiday rental, why not try to push things a step further? One of the best ways to increase rental income is by learning from the experts. Matt Landau worked as a travel journalist for the largest travel agency in Costa Rica and now runs the Vacation Rentals Marketing Blog. In his free ebook, The Eureka Effect: How Good Vacation Rentals Become Great, he assembles some of the most successful vacation rental owners and managers and invites them to share crucial marketing decisions.


Staying Informed

The ever-evolving vacation rental industry changes as it grows. Staying up-to-date on the latest trends and learning from other peoples’ success through free ebooks and other education tools will propel your vacation rental business and ensure its success for years to come.

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