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Vacation Rental Guest Demographics Across Top International Destinations

Using AllTheRooms Analytics unique demographics data, we’ve drilled into the statistics of the people visiting top vacation destination markets over the past 12 months. We’ve examined the demographics of travelers across the US, Canada, and Europe — looking at key metrics such as age, gender, domestic and international travelers, and the country/state/city of origin.

Honing in on domestic/international traveler data from Nashville, Hawaii, and Arizona, plus comparing origin data across cities like NYC, Miami, Boston, LA, Key West, Atlanta, and Montreal, here’s what we found:


Age Range

Where Are the Most Millennials Traveling To?

Millennial travelers (which includes those between the ages of 20-30) are one of the most lucrative travel groups and are usually always the highest percentage of travelers staying in short-term accommodation.

Of the destinations studied, the highest percentage of Millennial travelers visited Miami, with 45.5% of travelers being 20-30 years old. Meanwhile, Los Angeles saw that same group represent 43.6% of travelers, Toronto at 43%, Atlanta at 42.6%, Orlando at 42.4%, Philly at 42.2%, Austin at 42.1% and NYC with 41.3%. The high percentage of 20-30-year-olds is likely due to the large cities’ activities, restaurants, nightlife, and cosmopolitan vibes.

Where Are the Most 30-40-Year-Olds Traveling To?

Elsewhere, the destinations with the highest percentage of travelers aged between 30 and 40 are: Hawaii with 28.9% of travelers fitting the age group, Austin with 29.2%, and Atlanta with 27.3%.

Austin and Atlanta are the two cities that have drawn the top percentages of travelers both in the 20-30 age group and in the 30-40 age group, meaning that the cities are successfully catering to younger Millennial crowds and the generation above.

Where Are the Most 40-50-Year-Olds Traveling To?

There are some destinations that have a much wider appeal for generations, including those between the ages of 40-50. The states with the most 40-50-year-olds visiting are Florida with 16.9% of their travelers coming from this age group, Arizona with 14.8%, Hawaii with 14.2%, and British Columbia in Canada, with 14.2%.

These states offer vacations that tend to be calmer and appeal to a more mature crowd. As for Florida, it’s known for its retirement homes, golf courses, and relaxed pace of life, drawing older guests. Florida also draws the highest percentage of 50-to-60-year-olds, at 15.1%.


Our demographics data also revealed the balance between male and female travelers to each city. Here’s the breakdown:

Cities With the Most Equal Gender Split

Interestingly, Montreal and Toronto both draw 50% male and 50% female — suggesting that Canada’s main cities have an equal appeal to men and women. Boston also draws 50% of each, followed by cities such as Miami with 51% female and 49% male, London (UK) with 51% female and 49% male, and NYC, with a ratio of 52% female and 48% male.

Highest Proportion of Female Travelers

Across all the destinations studied, female travelers out-perform male travelers with the highest proportion of female travelers visiting Nashville at 58%, Hawaii at 55%, and British Columbia at 54% female.

Domestic Tourism vs International Tourism

Here’s a snapshot of how AllTheRooms Analytics’ data utilizes domestic tourism versus international tourism, using three case studies: Nashville, Hawaii, and Arizona.


Bookings in Nashville are almost entirely made-up from domestic tourism, with 92% of bookings being made by US citizens and only 8% bookings made by international tourists. Domestic tourists mostly hail from Tennessee, at 7.5%, followed by travelers from the state of Illinois, who make up 6.6% of Nashville’s visitors.

Of the international guests that visit Nashville, the majority are from Canada, with 47.4% visitors being Canadians. Meanwhile, 18.6% of its visitors are from the UK, 9.8% are from Australia, and 3.6% are from Germany.

International Travelers

Domestic Travelers


Domestic tourism makes up the bulk of visitors to Hawaii, with 70% of visitors coming from the US. Of the domestic tourists, 31.5% are from California, which is the closest state to Hawaii, followed by 8.3% of bookings being from Washington. The flight time between Los Angeles and Hawaii is under six hours, so it’s easy to see why so many visitors come from California.

Of the 30% international tourists that visit Hawaii, the majority are from Canada at 31.9%, followed by Australia at 16.5%. Other international visitors include those from Germany at 9.4% and Japan at 7.1%.

International Travelers

Domestic Travelers


Like Nashville, Arizona is also mainly visited by domestic tourists, making up 90% of the state’s visitors. International visitors only make up 10% of the state’s tourism. The Grand Canyon is one of the most-visited natural wonders in the US by American citizens. Domestic tourism mostly comes from Arizona itself, with 27% of bookings made by Arizona locals. This is followed by next-door neighbor California, with 17.2% of bookings originating from CA.

Of the international tourists visiting Arizona, 37% comes from Canada, followed by France, Germany and the UK, at 8% each.

International Travelers

Domestic Travelers

Where Are Visitors Coming From?

Domestic Visitor Origins

Atlanta is the most popular destination in Georgia, with 40.1% bookings made here. As for domestic tourism, 19.4% of visitors to Atlanta come from the state of Georgia, followed by 10.8% from Florida.

Domestic tourism is more popular in Key West, with the highest percentage of local travelers at 29.4% coming from the state of Florida itself, followed by 5.5% of visitors originating from the state of New York.

Similarly, in Los Angeles the majority of domestic travelers come from the state of California, with 36.6% of travelers originating from CA, followed by 9.8% of travelers coming from the state of New York. Los Angeles is the most popular destination in the state, taking 24.8% of the bookings, followed by San Francisco at 12.1%.

Atlanta Domestic Travelers

Key West Domestic Travelers

Los Angeles Domestic Travelers

Meanwhile, in Boston, 12.4% of travelers come from the state of New York, followed by 12% of visitors coming from California, which is a high figure considering the geographical distance between the East and West coast.

In the state of New York, 55.4% of travelers pick to visit New York City, followed by 3.5% picking Rochester, and 3% choosing to visit Buffalo.

Boston Domestic Travelers

New York City Domestic Travelers

International Visitor Origin

In Boston 20.4% of its international visitors are from Canada, followed by 14.8% coming from the UK, and 6.9% coming from France.

Meanwhile, in New York City, 13.1% of its visitors come from Canada, and 12.6% come from the United Kingdom. Despite geographical distances, there are almost as many people from the UK visiting New York City as there are from nearby Canada.

Boston International Travelers

New York City International Travelers

Interestingly, while Miami is known for its large Hispanic community, with Spanish being spoken in all parts of the city, the highest proportion of international travelers come from Brazil, at 10.2%, followed by visitors from Canada at 9.2% and Germany at 8.8%

Of the international travelers visiting Montreal, predictably 59.1% come from the US, followed by 16.7% coming from France.

Miami International Travelers

Montreal International Travelers


Using AllTheRooms Analytics demographic data, DMOs can create tailored marketing campaigns to appeal to specific travelers during specific seasons, keeping on top of who is traveling to an area, and when. Demographic and origin stats enable a much better understanding of any market, and a more personal insight into vacation rental guests. From age groups, gender, nationality, and the proportion of domestic:international travelers, having an accurate representation of your human market is invaluable.