Hotels and Hospitality

Hotels and Hospitality Managers

For those in the hotel industry, keeping a finger on the pulse of the short-term rental market is essential. Discover how data intelligence from AllTheRooms Analytics helps hospitality managers stay one step ahead of the competition.

Understand the Market with Data-Driven Insights

The vacation rental boom of the last two decades has transformed the traditional principles of hospitality and hotel management. With huge upticks in the supply of short-term accommodations, relying on traditional methods is no longer viable.

Data-driven reports from AllTheRooms Analytics provide both corporate hotel chains and independent hotels with a better understanding of key market variables like occupancy rates, RevPAR, demand, gross revenue, and geographic distribution for any given market.

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Hedge Against the Vacation Rental Wave

AllTheRooms Analytics’ lineup of data intelligence products not only protects hotel managers from the increased inventories of vacation rentals, it also helps them capitalize on primetime events and seasonal trends. Conduct an impact analysis for any event in any market to gauge the amount of revenue being diverted from hotels.

Streamlined Decision-Making

With real-time data about the vacation rental market, hospitality management has never been easier. Pricing strategies become straightforward, revenue projections are a click away, and occupancy rates remain high. AllTheRooms Analytics helps streamline decision-making in spite of the growing presence of the homesharing market.

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