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How Much Can You Make With Airbnb?

Whether you’re thinking of putting your vacation home on Airbnb, have been hosting guests for a while, or are even thinking about investing in a vacation rental property, the biggest question for most is simple, “How much money can I make?”

The answer to that question depends on a lot of variables. What’s your property like? Where is it? How many guests can it host? How much will you be using the property yourself? The answer to these questions and many others will be the main determinant of how much you’ll make from your property.

However, you can still get a good idea of what is possible by looking at data. Here at AllTheRooms Analytics, we’ve compiled data for a number of cities across the world to see what the average host makes on Airbnb, and we have also taken a look at the various host fee structures across different vacation rental platforms.

How Much Can You Make As A Host On Airbnb?

The easiest way to try and work out how much you can make as a host on Airbnb is by looking at the market average gross revenues. To calculate this we take all the money made by hosts and the total number of listings in a market and divide the former by the latter.

This gives you a quick feel for how much the average host is making on Airbnb. However, the issue with this approach is that it includes every type of vacation rental, from massive penthouses down to more humble studio apartments. While this serves the purposes of this article, hosts may want more tailored results. With the AllTheRooms Analytics Vacation Rental IQ service, our clients will have access to property specific information such as “Average Gross Revenues for 2 Bedroom Apartments in the Brooklyn Area”.

Average Monthly Host Gross Revenues for Toronto, Canada: $1,133 USD

Average Monthly Host Gross Revenues for Sydney, Australia: $978 USD

Average Monthly Host Gross Revenues for San Francisco, California: $1,959 USD

Average Monthly Host Gross Revenues for NYC, New York: $1,758 USD

Average Monthly Host Gross Revenues for Los Angeles, California: $1,834 USD

Average Monthly Host Gross Revenues for London, United Kingdom: $1,233 USD

Average Monthly Host Gross Revenues for Austin, Texas: $1,685 USD

Average Monthly Host Gross Revenues for Atlanta, Georgia: $1,167 USD

How Much Do Airbnb And Other Vacation Rental Marketplaces Charge?

Airbnb – Host Fees

Airbnb operates a shared host and guest fee system, with a standard fee of around 3% for hosts, and a fee for guests of nearly 13% a night, although sometimes it can be more. The fees are to cover the costs of Airbnb’s platform services, such as 24-hour customer support.

HomeAway – Host Fees

HomeAway offers homeowners two different fee structures. There’s a pay-per-booking model alongside an annual subscription model.

Currently, the cost of the annual subscription is $499 USD. This provides access to features such as a 12-month subscription with online booking, global exposure on over 20 international sites, access to tools to manage the listing, and 50 HD photos.

Rental owners pay a fee that is 5% of the booking cost, but then a 3% credit card fee will be tacked on for guests using credit cards. One advantage of the HomeAway model, though, is that fees are capped off at $499 annually, so rental owners will never have to pay more than that per year. All in all, this is an extremely fair model.

Vrbo – Host Fees

As with HomeAway, Vrbo also offers homeowners a pay-per-booking model alongside an annual subscription model.

At present, the cost of an annual subscription with Vrbo is $499 USD.

Booking – Host Fees

The homeowner fee is around 15% per booking with an additional 3% credit card processing fee.