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Metrics Glossary | Which metrics are available?

AllTheRooms collects raw booking data and turns it into actionable insights for our users. Although there are many ways to slice the data, we focus on providing the most relevant information for you. This means information related to supply, demand and rates for any short-term rental market in the world.

Below you will find a list of metrics alongside their definition. It is important to note that all metrics are calculated over a period of time (even if its just 1 day -  the smallest granularity we offer). The number of listings in a market changes constantly, we therefore use weighted averages. 

Another important note is that our revenue metrics (such as ADR and Revenue) include discounts and cleaning fees, but do not include the fee charged  to the host by the provider (which is variable). It's essentially gross take home for that listing, before commissions, expenses, or taxes.


Available SupplyInteger: ListingsThe average number of listings which are available to be booked during the given period. A listing is considered "bookable" if it is not blocked for at least one night during the period. 
Occupancy Rate (OCC)Percentage: NightsThe percentage of nights booked in a given period of availability.
Average Daily Rate (ADR)USD (or other currency)The average income earned by a listing per night-booked. This includes cleaning fees and discounts over the duration of the booking.
Revenue USD (or other currency)Average revenue generated per listing during the period. 
Market RevenueUSD (or other currency)Sum total of all revenue generated across a market.
Booking Lead TimeInteger: Nights

Average (mean) number of days between the date the reservation is made and the check-in date, for the given time period.

Revenue per Night (RevPAN)USD (or other currency)The average host revenue divided by the number of nights available on the market. This is the revenue earned per available night regardless of whether a booking took place. RevPAN can also be calculated by multiplying the Average Daily Rate by the Occupancy (ADR*Occ).
Nights BookedInteger: NightsAverage number of nights booked per listing in a given time period.
Future Booked RateUSD (or other currency)The rate that listings are being booked at for that particular night in the future. The average is taken from listings that are currently occupied for that date.
Future DemandPercentage: NightsThe future demand for a particular calendar date is determined by the ratio of nights booked to available supply - this is the future occupancy rate as of the reference date. 


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