Misterb&b: The Vacation Rental Site for Gay Travelers


Misterb&b is a gay travel accommodation site that connects LGBTQ+ travelers with gay-friendly hosts. Misterb&b provides a safe and comfortable option for LGBTQ+ people to travel without worrying about encountering discrimination or hostility because of their sexual orientation or identity. Cultural acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community varies from country to country and state to state. Misterb&b provides a safe online booking option and powerful review platform for LGBTQ+ travelers to explore the world while being totally themselves and protecting fellow LGBTQ+ travelers along the way.

Misterb&b launched in 2013. French entrepreneur and Misterb&b founder, Matthieu Jost, experienced discrimination for his sexual identity after arriving at an Airbnb rental home with his partner. Both Jost and his partner returned to Paris after the homophobic encounter. Inspired by this incident, Jost set out to create an online booking site that prioritizes gay hospitality. Misterb&b ensures gay travelers can travel without encountering hatred or bigotry from their rental hosts.

Misterb&b is a safe alternative to popular booking sites like Airbnb, which, through recent years, has come under fire for a string of homophobic incidents. Though Airbnb has a strong anti-discrimination policy, intolerance still arises among their millions of hosts. Jost’s site offers a solution to the discriminatory issues Airbnb has experienced in the past. Misterb&b is now one of the largest gay travel platforms with 310,000 LGBTQ+ hosts, 100,000 gay-friendly hotel rooms, and 210,000 reviews from LGBTQ+ travelers. The site has also been covered in CNN and praised as an integral part of the gay travel revolution.


What does Misterb&b offer?

Over the course of seven years (and with the help of a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign), Misterb&b has been established as a global brand within the travel accommodations industry. So what does it have to offer hosts and guests?

– Global reach: Misterb&b currently has listings in 135 countries with an extensive network of gay-friendly hosts and short term rentals. Book cozy apartments, private rooms, amazing homes & gay-friendly hotels around the world.

– Trusted verification: Misterb&b has built a dedicated team around a powerful verification system. They currently rely on a team of 600,000 trusted users with verified ID’s, emails, phone numbers, and payment details. Their two-way review system protects both LGBTQ+ travelers and hosts and ensures their gay-friendly policy is followed at all times. Misterb&b is one of the most trusted names in gay travel today.

– Community: Misterb&b is far more than a vacation rental listing site. They also offer a blog dedicated to everything gay travel, including travel tips,  recommendations, how-to’s, safety advice, inspiration, gay travel news, and much more. The site also offers various guides for LGBTQ+ travelers to navigate and explore cities around the world (i.e. Gay London, Gay Paris, Gay New York, Gay Berlin) as well as a curated list of gay events happening worldwide. This is a great way to keep up with gay news as well as join a community of LGBTQ+ travelers all over the world.

– A way to give back: Misterb&b’s mission, Mister for Good, is dedicated to giving back to the global gay community. Misterb&b makes annual donations to non-profit organizations like OutRight Action International, GLAD, Immigration Equality, Urgence Homophobie, Rainbold Society – Maison de la Diversité, and Le Refuge. Misterb&b is committed to helping the LGBTQ+ community beyond travel accommodations.

– Channel manager integration: Misterb&b is a growing online booking platform with 1 million unique visitors per month. Luckily, it offers easy integration with a wide variety of channel managers, making it easy for new hosts to onboard their listings onto the site. Accepted channel managers include: Avantio, BookingSync, RedAwning, Rentals United, Guesty, VR Bookings, Super Control, BookingPal, Koedia, RBI Rental, and AvailPro.

Misterb&b allows guests to book accommodations, connect with LGBTQ+ travelers, and join a community of allies. The site offers far more than short-term rentals.


Why you should consider listing on Misterb&b:

It’s important to list your properties on multiple vacation listing sites in order to draw more online traction as well as bookings. Alternative listing sites help you reach a wider variety of travelers. Listing on Misterb&b is a great way to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community, provide safe spaces for gay travelers, and attract new guests that you may be missing on other sites. Here are more reasons to join:

– Damage protection: Misterb&b prepares for the rare times in which properties are damaged. They handle the security deposit for all their hosts, which means you have one less thing to worry about.

– Help with regulations: Misterb&b also handles all legal regulations for the hosts. The site’s team works closely with hundreds of local administrations to make sure your listing is fully compliant with all tax laws and regulations.

– Full control: Hosts also benefit from full control over their listings. Set your own prices, rules, discounts, availability, schedule, and more.

– New connections: Gay travelers are more likely to book short term rentals through platforms they can trust. Partner with Misterb&b and benefit from the site’s trusted name and continued commitment to safety. Connect with guests that perhaps exclusively search for rental homes on gay-friendly booking accommodations sites like Misterb&b.


Misterb&b has successfully replicated the convenient and popular online booking process otherwise associated with Airbnb and other popular listing sites. However, Misterb&b offers protection, guidance, and security to LGBTQ+ people looking to book short term rentals on their trips. Matthieu Jost has created a safe space in the travel accommodations industry for gay men, women, and nonbinary folks to travel in peace, without having to worry about potentially encountering discrimination or being denied a stay. Misterb&b expands the travel accommodations industry so that people of all kinds of sexual orientations can travel and be safe in their (temporary) homes.

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