Must-Have Security Gadgets for Vacation Rentals in 2019


So your rental property is bringing in a solid income, guests are leaving raving reviews, and everything seems to be running like clockwork. That is until something happens to diminish the security of the property. Even if you have a sterling 5-star reputation, that rep can quickly turn sour as soon as a guest’s safety becomes endangered in any way. 

If a guest doesn’t feel safe for one reason or another, that individual is sure to tell others about the bad rental experience. But ensuring guest security isn’t just about receiving high marks on listing sites for vacation rentals. It is the job of a property owner or manager to provide a comfortable and safe place to stay during the booking period, the keyword here being safe. 

There’s a lot you can do in the modern vacation rental industry to keep your guests feeling happy, safe, and secure no matter what. With so much advancement in technology these days, you can go all out in terms of guest security with these techy gadgets and more. Here are a few must-have security gadgets for vacation rentals that we love.


Secure Your Property with Smart Technology

These days you can invest in more than just a basic security system to protect your home against crime. Home security has become smarter than ever, with more innovations in smart home devices to promote home security than ever. 


Best Smart Locking System: Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Offering your guests access to the rental unit via keyless entry is becoming much more popular. A smart lock doesn’t just make things easier for guests, but it also helps property owners and managers. Keyless entry systems like the popular Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt allow guests to enter the property with an access code instead of a key. 

The convenience of using a smart locking entry system is apparent, but how does it promote security for a rental home? Rental owners and property management companies are able to change the access code for each new guest arrival. This can be done remotely from anywhere in the world. If you experience a breach of security with your property, you can log onto the site or app of your specific smart lock to change the code ASAP. 


Best Outdoor Security Camera: Night Owl by Dell 

Another “smart” thing you can do as an independent renter or Airbnb host is to install smart cameras at each property entrance. You won’t be able to install cameras indoors since this is a breach of privacy. But cameras on the exterior of a home can be a smart investment for your rental home’s security. 

A security camera like the Night Owl by Dell not only allows you to see when guests arrive but also keep an eye on the goings-on around the property – day or night. If there is a suspicious character lurking around the entrance, you’ll be able to take action and call local law enforcement. Of course, be sure to research the laws surrounding surveillance cameras in your specific location prior to installation. 


Best Motion-Activated Lighting: Heath Motion Sensor Light

If you’re not comfortable installing security cameras for privacy reasons, motion-activated lights are a great alternative. You’d be surprised by the number of burglars who are scared off, merely from a light turning on as they attempt to break in. 

A top pick for motion detection protection is the Heath HZ-4150-BK Motion Sensor Light. It works flawlessly, and also looks nice as an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. The Heath can detect motion within a 30-ft radius and allows users to set the light timer to 5, 10, or 15 minutes. 


Don’t Just Secure Against Crime

When property owners and managers discuss rental property security, they are often referring to security against criminals, like home burglars. But the word security means more than just securing property against crime. It means keeping the property safe in every way, including safety against fire, water damage, and weather. 


Best Indoor Climate Control System: Google Nest 

Smart thermostats like the Google Nest are a great addition to any rental property. This indoor climate control system operates via a Wi-Fi connection and allows complete control of property climate, even from across the world. It doesn’t just protect your guests from an uncomfortable indoor climate, it also protects your energy bill from outrageous costs. 


The Nest Protect for Optimal Protection

The regular Nest system is amazing for controlling rental home temperature, but the Nest Protect is better for complete environmental protection. This cool gadget is used to detect smoke or carbon monoxide within the home. It will actually send an alert to your mobile device if CO or smoke levels rise. 

It is much more sophisticated than the traditional smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector. The system will quite literally speak to you and your guests. If something seems off, the friendly Nest voice will let whoever is in the home know about the potential danger, just like a normal alarm. But it won’t stop there; you’ll also be alerted about what the danger is, where it is located, and the steps that should be taken.


Other High-Tech Security Gadgets for Rental Homes

Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring company has been providing protection to homes around the world for years, but they just released a security innovation that vacation rental industry members are loving. The Ring Video Doorbell acts as a peephole in a way, only way cooler. When the doorbell is rung, you’ll get a live video stream showing hosts who is at their front door. 


Maximus Smart Security Light

You’ve already read about the perks of security cameras and a powerful light system, but did you know that you can combine these features in one easy-to-use device? This is exactly what the Maximus Smart Security does. The Maximus illuminates the area surrounding the front door, but that’s not all. It also serves as a two-way speaker and WiFi camera. This means you can see (and speak) to anyone coming or going. 

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