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Events and Conferences

AllTheRooms and our CEO Joseph DiTomaso regularly speak at leading vacation rental industry and hospitality conferences. We’ve presented at:

  • UBS Annual Communications and Technology Conference
    • We presented along with the CEO of Comcast, Liberty Media (owners of TripAdvisor), CEO of Netflix, New York Times, Hearst Publications, several other major players.
  • SunTrust Annal Tech Conference
  • Goldman Sachs Tech Conference
  • Goldman Sachs Lodging Conference
  • UBS Lodging Conference
  • Oppenheimer Lodging and Tech Conference
  • Phocuswright Conference
  • MACVB (Michigan Association of Convention Visitors Bureaus) Annual Educational Conference
    • Presented on the state of the vacation rental market in Michigan
  • Utah Tourism Conference
    • Presented on the trends of the short term rental markets across the Rockies, particularly examining seasonal trends at resort/adventure destinations and the role of short term accommodation in differentiating tourist behavior
  • TedX Summit Clearwater
  • Serviced Apartment Summit Americas