Texas Airbnb Occupancy Rebounds 19% from March Coronavirus Low as Lockdown Ends

NEW YORK, May 4, 2020 

Airbnb hosts in Texas are seeing a rebound in bookings and occupancy, according to new data provided by AllTheRooms Analytics, a provider of short-term rental and Airbnb data and analytics.

Texas Airbnb 30-day occupancy rates, a measure of the percentage of properties listed on Airbnb that are booked over the next 30 days, reached 18.9% on the 30th of April.

This represents a 19% increase from the lowest point, which was recorded as 15.9% on the 22nd March; 9 days after Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster on March 13th.

Texas has had one of the shortest lockdowns of all the states across the US. The stay at home order lasted from April 2 to April 30th and on May 1st, there was a partial reopening of the Texan economy.

“We’re starting to see Airbnb bookings bounce back in the states that are relaxing their lockdowns,” said Joseph DiTomaso, CEO of AllTheRooms Analytics. “While the numbers we’re talking about are still low in year-on-year terms, it’s a sign of discretionary spending on leisure and travel starting to recover, at least partially, as these states start to ease their lockdowns,” he added.

Texas has historically seen close to 40% of its Airbnb bookings come from domestic guests, with a lower reliance on out-of-state and international guests when compared to other states with large tourism markets.

While this rebound provides some reason for optimism, these levels of booking activity are still well below where they were at the same time last year. Airbnb 30-day occupancy rates were at 28.5% as of the 30thApril 2019, so the level currently seen still represents a 33.8% drop year-on-year.

City, county and school districts adopted varying approaches to combat the virus and the recovery in Airbnb bookings is uneven across the state. Texan resort towns are showing the biggest rebounds in their 30-day Airbnb occupancy rates.

From March 22nd to April 30th:

  • Port Aransas +44%

  • Galveston +42%

  • South Padre Island +39%

  • San Antonio +23%

  • Dallas +19%

  • El Paso +19%

  • Austin +15%

  • Houston +6%

When comparing Texas to the broader picture for the entire United States, its rebound looks stronger. The Airbnb 30-day occupancy rate for the United States as a whole was up just 9.8% from the nationwide low on the 17th March.

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