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Real estate has always been one of the best ways to invest money — at least since the beginning of the real estate industry. Even if renting your home isn’t for you, having a place to call home is the wisest investment you’ll ever make. But if you want to see some real money roll in, it’s time to enter the vacation rental industry. 

Nowadays, if you’re hoping to enter the world of vacation rentals or maximize your current vacation rental income, there are plenty of resources available to you. All you need to do is hop on Google and start browsing the endless vacation rental resources that seem to be taking over the internet. The best of these resources come in the form of vacation rental blog posts from a variety of websites. 

No matter your questions about renting out a property and your specific property-related goals, reading blog posts directed at rental property owners and managers can help. Maybe you’re already familiar with Matt Landau and his popular Vacation Rental Marketing Blog, however, VRMB isn’t the only helpful resource out there. There’s a blog for every type of renter, here are a few of the best:


Best for Data-Driven Research: AllTheRooms Analytics

AllTheRooms Analytics leads the industry of data-driven insights. With the capacity to aggregate and catalog every vacation rental on the planet, AllTheRooms Analytics has tons of data on every market around the world. Thus, for hosts and property managers looking to make educated decisions in regards to pricing, occupancy rates, or how to evaluate the potential impact of an event, the Insights blog from AllTheRooms Analytics has you covered. For readers looking for more in-depth answers and explanations, they also produce data-oriented white papers and e-books.


The Best Blog for Airbnb Hosts: The Abundant Host

Renting out a property (or multiple properties) through the Airbnb booking portal is extremely common. Not only is it easy to use, but it also receives extremely high traffic from guests looking for long-term and short-term rentals all over the world. Just think about all of the times you’ve browsed Airbnb for a place to stay for your upcoming trip. You could easily be one of those Airbnb rentals if you put your mind to it. 

For those of you who decide to take advantage of the site’s popularity and become Airbnb hosts, the best thing you can do is check out a blog called The Abundant Host. This blog was started by a woman named Amy, a US-native who owns (and stays in) Airbnbs all over the world. The main goal of The Abundant host is to help renters keep up with the competitive nature of the Airbnb rental industry. 

From personal experience, Amy understands the challenges involved in hosting a property.  Through her blog and social media accounts, she has created a resource to help Airbnb hosts get started from scratch. When you visit the site and view the blog dropdowns, you’ll have access to these helpful categories:

– Best Practices

– Hosting Tips

– Rookie Mistakes

– Home Design

– Tools for Hosts

– Exclusive Interviews

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The Abundant Host


The Best Blog for First-Time Renters: Laptop Landlord

First-time renters often struggle at the beginning, and some don’t even make it past the listing phase. Many professional vacation rental industry leaders claim that the cutthroat competition of the rental industry is what makes it so tough to get started. You’ll have to put some major effort into getting your place booked, especially if your area is home to a high volume of vacation rentals. 

This is something that Tyler Knudtson, creator of Laptop Landlord, understands better than anyone. Tyler, a regular guy from Wisconsin, decided a few years ago that he needed a side income. He did everything from sell random products on Amazon to delivering Amazon packages around town. But then the proverbial lightbulb turned on in his head and he got the idea to rent out his home for extra cash.

Knudtson struggled through the rental process at first, partly due to his fear of opening up his home to total strangers. On top of that, he had no idea how to set up a proper online profile, how to design the space, or how to handle a negative review and keep it from affecting future bookings (yes, that happened). He realized that the process would not have been so challenging if there was a solid resource for first-time renters. So, he created Laptop Landlord to help.

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Laptop Landlord


The Best Blog by a Professional Property Manager: Evolve

Created by a team of professional vacation rental managers, Evolve is a booking and listing site. You’ll find a use for it no matter if you’re a renter, a rentee, or you work for a professional rental management agency and need a few pointers. Listing a home on Evolve isn’t nearly as popular as listing on Airbnb or VRBO, but it is still an amazing tool nonetheless.  

The real benefits come as you peruse through the Evolve blog posts. These posts cover a wide range of vacation rental topics, like how to have the optimal relationship between the property manager and owner. Evolve also does a great job of keeping you updated on the latest and greatest vacation rental industry news. Here are a few of the most popular and most helpful posts on the Evolve blog:

– How-to-Guide: Compile the Perfect Welcome Book for Your Vacation Rental Home

– 2019: The 10 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Rental

– The Benefits of Buying a Vacation Rental Home as a Real Estate Investment 

– Vacation Rental Income Calculator

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Evolve Blog


The Best Blog for Independent Homeowners: Lodgify

When entering the vacation rental business, you might not even consider doing it on your own. Maybe you don’t even see that as an option. But handling a vacation rental property all by yourself without big names like Airbnb taking the reins is doable. It’s certainly challenging, but that’s where Lodgify comes into play. 

Lodgify allows you to create your own rental business website and gives you the proper tools to grow and manage that business. They provide you with the rental software, website templates, and every tool you can imagine to help you go at it alone. In addition to these features, vacation rental owners are loving the regular blog posts by Lodgify. 

You can break the blog topics down by category to find exactly what you’re looking for. The categories cover everything from rental website design to marketing tips to property management guides. Or simply browse the latest blog posts at Lodgify for ideas on how to run a rental on your own. 

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