Top Free Property Management Software


Property management software is an indispensable tool for consolidating information about a property on one central platform. Instead of bouncing between providers and cross-checking schedules for availability, property management software consolidates all listings and allows hosts to maximize occupancy rates, process credit card payments, contact customers, and respond to maintenance requests all from one user-friendly hub.

Whether you’re starting out with a single vacation rental or looking to manage dozens of listings across all the top providers, property management software is key to running an efficient, profitable business. However, the software is not cheap.

To help newcomers and savvy cost-saving hosts, we’ve compiled the top free property management software designed specifically for vacation rentals. Read on to find out which platform works best for your property, guests, and pricing strategy:


While managing multiple properties on different platforms, hosts can get lost in the chaos of switching between accounts, messaging guests, and managing calendars.


iGMS is an all-in-one property management software. The company previously known as AirGMS was a leader at Airbnb-focused property management software services, but after introducing new integrations with Vrbo and HomeAway was renamed to iGMS. They have all the features you’d expect from an industry-leading tool. Sync calendars, switch seamlessly between accounts (which is especially useful if you manage listings for various vacation rental investors) and alter reservations from one clean, easy-to-use dashboard.


iGMS also offers a financial reporting feature to analyze how listings have been performing. View payment histories, rent payments for long-term guests, and month-by-month summaries to gauge what’s optimized and what can be improved.


Arguably the best part about iGMS is the pricing structure. For the first four properties, the service is entirely free — no commission and no upcharges. If you’re looking to manage five or more properties, the price is $20 per month per listing.


Smoobu is a no-frills, free property management company. While other services are free for only a select period of time or limit the number of properties that can be managed, Smoobu is free without any time constrictions. That said, the tooling does have a limited number of features available.

With Smoobu’s free version users have access to a reservation system with all bookings in a centralized list, an occupancy calendar, and a website homepage manager that comes with Google Maps integration, high-resolution photos, and layouts tailored for apartments, bed and breakfasts or hotels.

Smoobu’s paid version — which starts at $17 per month for a single property (and ~$4.50 per additional property) — includes more comprehensive functionality with features like automated communication with guests, detailed statistic reports, and phone support.


Unlike other systems, Bookfull concentrates on both the guest and host experience. Bookfull’s channel management feature is two-way, meaning if a change is made to a calendar within a provider site like Expedia or TripAdvisor, those listings will automatically update in the Bookfull calendar too.

Bookfull additionally has an impressive flexible pricing engine. For example, if there is a three-night minimum for a property but there is a two-night gap between reservations, Bookfull will automatically make the intermittent dates available to book. This flexibility enables hosts to significantly boost monthly occupancy rates.

As each listing is different, Bookfull allows users to include unique add-ons to specific listings. If a host requests an upcharge on bikes, parking spots, cribs, or anything else, it can all be tweaked through their integrated payment system. Bookfull is also equipped to handle all the latest smart home technology — locks, cameras, lights, and WiFi can be controlled through the portal.

The tool is entirely free to use, and besides a few features reserved for the paid option, both everyday hosts and commercial property management companies will find the free version more than accommodating.


Lodgable is extremely helpful in streamlining the property management process. To begin, hosts upload all their listings, and instead of creating profiles and logging into each provider, the Lodgable inventory will automatically post the listings on the world’s top OTAs.

The platform has all the great features of other channel managers, plus an easy payment collection system, and more. Success stories from Lodgable show clients boosting their bookings by 150% and maintaining occupancy rates up to 88%, all while being booked out three months in advance.

As seen on Lodgable’s pricing page, the tool is free and there’s no limit to the number of properties, users, or bookings a host can have.


Futurestay markets itself as the smartest way to connect channels, guests, and brand without having to do any manual work. Best exemplified in their “Done” app, Futurestay is unique in its entirely hands-off approach for hosts.

Users receive a daily briefing of check-ins and check-outs, and the dashboard is an excellent home base to navigate any information needed. Futurestay is also international, so for example, hosts can have a website in English but control bookings in Spanish, and charge in a preferred currency.

For pricing, Futurestay operates on a 5% upcharge. For example, if ADR is set for $100, Futurestay will charge guests $105 for their stay. In this sense, it’s technically free, but the commission is paid for by potential guests.


Lodgify is a resource that appeals to entrepreneurial property managers looking to build a brand with their property management software. Impress visitors by directing them towards a mobile-friendly website (which Lodgify will help build) complete with all listings in one clean space.

Lodgify’s channel manager is also as user-friendly, where users can synchronize calendars and bookings from dozens of the largest partners like Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, Trip Advisor, and HomeAway.

What separates Lodgify from other tools is that hosts can equally link the channel manager with external calendars (like Gmail and iCal), Facebook Messenger, and MailChimp. This, combined with website features that help market properties, make Lodgify one of the most versatile options for both managing and advertising vacation rentals.

Lodgify is free for a seven-day trial period, after which the cost is $29 per month.

Alternatives for single-property hosts:



Bookerator is a free, cloud-based option for publishing one listing on the market. Even with only one property, do not dismiss the value of a property management tool. Management is simple and streamlined with a site like Bookerator, which focuses heavily on the customer-facing side of bookings and assists in promoting the property.


With Tokeet, users can utilize all the functions central to a management software with one single property. Build an appealing website, process payments, and view bookings in one simple calendar. Prices increase to $15 per month for managing more than one property.

The sheer volume of property management providers proves the need for a service that consolidates vacation rental administration. Occupancy rates, communication, transparency, and brand awareness all receive noticeable uplift with the application of management software. However, before launching into a paid program, test the waters with one of these free options to determine which service is most suitable.

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