Tourism Boards

Tourism Boards

For DMOs, CVBs, municipalities, and tourism boards, AllTheRooms Analytics provides comprehensive intelligence reports that illustrate the impacts of the evolving vacation rental landscape. Track trends, discover insights, and conduct projections with the most accurate algorithms on the market.


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Vacation Rental Market Intelligence (VRMI)

With our VRMI product, those in the industries of government and tourism can monitor and project everything from tax revenues to regulatory compliance, and a breadth of other necessary information.

– Our data is available for any market; we can hone in on any country, state, county, city, or neighborhood you choose

– Analyze historical trends with access to a 12-month analysis of key performance indicators including occupancy rates, ADR, RevPAR, supply, demand, and gross revenue

– Utilize our optional extras; we can provide event analysis, forward-looking projections and geo-competitive analysis


Demographics & Origin Data

In 2019 year-on-year revenue for the North American vacation rental market grew by 23.5%, while in Europe, it grew by 16.4%. With such significant increases across continents, it’s never been more important to have a detailed understanding of who is visting your market and when.

Traveler metrics are not only key to understanding the dynamics of a vacation rental market, they can also shape targeted marketing strategies for DMOs, helping attract specific traveler groups during specific seasons.

Our exclusive demographics data includes market breakdown by:

– Gender
– Age
– Domestic/international travelers
– Origin data based on state, city, and country

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Detailed Property Listing Reports

Our Detailed Property Listings Reports provide clients with precise, in-depth market information at a granular level.

We can hone in on information for both active and deactivated properties including neighborhood, property type, minimum and maximum ADRs, average ratings, and more. It’s a great tool for analyzing the short-term rental landscape in your area.


Event Analysis

Showcasing a market’s vacation rental infrastructure is one of the most important factors in attracting conferences, festivals, trade shows, and other revenue-generating events. With AllTheRooms’ Event Analysis Report, government and tourism agencies can identify how events cause compression nights, and the potential spill-over effects of revenue on restaurants, shopping districts, and other industries.

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