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Traveler Data: Age & Gender Guest Demographics In The Top 10 U.S Destinations

AllTheRooms aggregates over 14 million properties from around the world, and through our patented data-mining process, we have identified the top 10 US vacation destinations this summer.

Beyond listing the cities, our data also provides insight into vacation rental guests’ age and gender, enabling us to better understand the people visiting specific destinations. We’ve looked at where Generation Z, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Millennials are traveling to the most. As a result, companies can develop marketing strategies based on this demographic breakdown, while locations can tailor their tourism industry to the different target audiences.


1. Orlando

There’s nearly a full 10% difference between female and male travelers from Generation Z (typically defined as those born from the mid-1990s to early-2000s) going to Orlando. This is the largest discrepancy of the ten cities analyzed. Generally, females of this generation greatly out-travel their male counterparts in every city on this list.

In general, millennials (defined as those born from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s), are traveling to Orlando the most. Meanwhile, Baby Boomers (generally thought of as those born between the years 1946 and 1964) are the least interested in Orlando as a travel destination.

2. Las Vegas

Although by an extremely narrow margin, Las Vegas is the only city where Millennial males visit more than females. Like all cities on this list, Millennials massively outnumber other generations. If you’re a host in Las Vegas, you may want to target males from the millennial age range to maximize your profits. On the flip side, more females from GenZ visited Las Vegas in 2018.

3. Myrtle Beach

According to our data, overall, Baby Boomers travel the least. That said, Myrtle Beach has the biggest statistical difference between male and female Baby Boomers, with more female Baby Boomers traveling to Myrtle Beach. On the other hand, it is the most even-gender distribution for Generation X (those born from the mid-1960s to the early 1980s).

4. Maui

A getaway to Hawaii is an ideal romantic vacation, and this is why Maui has, on average, the most even female-to-male ratios across all generations. Not to mention, GenXers seem to love tropical getaways too, as Maui and Key West were their top destinations. As with all of the cities studied, Millennials are the demographic that is traveling the most.

5. New York City

Despite its reputation for being pricey, NYC has the second-lowest Average Daily Rate (ADR) for vacation rentals. NYC’s high prices do not seem to have any effect on the number of GenZ and Millennial travelers (the two groups most assumed to be “budget travelers”) who are still the demographic traveling the most to NYC. As with most of the cities analyzed, more females across GenZ, Millennial, and the Baby Boomer demographics are traveling to NYC.

6. Key West

While female Millennials are the dominant traveler demographic, Key West had the least of them when compared to the rest of the top 10 cities. Meanwhile, for Baby Boomers Key West is one of the most popular vacation destinations.

7. New Orleans

New Orleans owns the highest proportion of any traveler across all categories — female Millennials, who account for nearly 40% of the travel here. If you’re a New Orleans vacation rental host, specifically targeting female travelers could help to maximize your profits.

8. Ocean City

Probably the least well-known spot to crack the top 10, Ocean City, MD, is very much a summer destination. Of all the cities, Ocean City had the highest spike in ADR once summer started in June. Ocean City shares similar demographics with Myrtle Beach, however, the Millennial distribution here is slightly less skewed.

9. San Diego

The two cities most known for their family attractions in our round-up are Orlando and San Diego, which between them are home to Disneyworld, Universal, SeaWorld, and Legoland. Interestingly, both cities have near-identical demographic distributions, showing that cities home to theme parks and amusement attractions draw a very similar crowd.

10. Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is one of only two cities where female GenXers outperformed men. Meanwhile, on the flip side, there are a lot more female Millennials and travelers from GenZ traveling to Virginia Beach. Female travelers out-perform male travelers across all four age groups — so if you’re a vacation rental host, marketing your home for female travelers could boost your revenues.