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Tutorial Guide: Overview Page

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When you are in an early phase of your investing analysis and you want to find out which market is more attractive. Or if you already have a market in mind and want to start hav a clear view if that market is attractive, you can check the overview tab..

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-Main metrics of a market: On the overview tab you will be able to see all the general metrics of a market. Remember that here you are seeing the numbers of the market: ADR, Occupancy rate, average revenue in that market and the total revenue that market is making.

-Available Supply and type of supply: .Also you will be able to see the number of available supply on that market: The average number of listings which are available to be booked during the given period. You will also be able to understand what percentage of the supply is a private room, an entire home or a shared room. This will allow you to understand what type of property has more demand and understand how are you going to compete there.

-Property Type: would you like to know what type of property has more demand on a specific market? ON this section you would be able to see the percentage of apartments, guesthouse, condo or houses in the market you are assessing. you can jump to market section and use a filter if you would like to know how much revenue you could make with each type of property.

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-Amenities: The prominence of the top 10 most abundant amenities in this market. What is it that most properties have? what is a must? what amenities can make you differentiate? take a look at what most properties in the market you are analyzing commonly have.

-Rooms distribution: getting to know the demand and offer of the different type of properties is important. it will allow you to get a notion of the number of properties with one room versus +4 rooms? would you like to understand if it is better to purchase a property with 1 room or 4 rooms? you can make that analysis by getting to our market tab and searching properties with those specific characteristics.

-Mean stay length: The mean stay length for a reservation is the percentage of reservations that are less than or equal to the buckets (eg: the percent of reservations that are 5 or fewer nights in length) What percentage of reservations are made for a period of time of 5, 10, or +21 days. This is important to know because it indicates the type of property that has more supply in the market, it can reflect what type of property has more demand in a specific market.

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-Availability distribution: On the following chart you will be able to see the number of listings that are available for a certain percentage of the period. For a listing to be available, they should be on the market and available to be booked. This also indicates the prevalence of dormant supply - hosts who only list for a few short periods or for a particular season.

Final Comment

Make sure you understand the main metrics and behavior of the market before you start dig in into understanding the different neighbourhoods, before you start paying with the filters and before you start going into the specific details of the market in our next tab: market, where you will be able to see the metrics or a specific area, with specific filters on the market you just choose.

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