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Tutorial Guides: Filters

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We have one of the best filters in the market +10 filtering parameters. This is important because it will allow you to really understand the performance of a property with very specific characteristics. Here are some of the filters you will be able to use in order to improve the relevance of the data you want to analyze:


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  1. Airbnb & Vrbo: The first option you have to choose on our filter, is to define if you want your data to come from airbnb or Vrbo listings. Being able to analyze both providers independently will allow you to understand how the metrics change based on the provider and even give you and idea about how each platform behaves. Many hosts list their properties on both platforms so you have to be careful when analyzing….We recommend you to analyze each provider independently. If the filter let you choose one provider or the other and not both at the same time, then why is there a duplicated data problem?
  2. Active Listings: You can also specify if you want data from active listings or all the listings that have been listed in the past. When we talk about active listing we are talking about listings that have been booked in the last 30 days. Considering active listings can change significantly your data. we recommend you to run your analysis based on active listings because it will guarantee you get data more recent and updated. 
  3. Number of Bedrooms: The next filter parameter is the number of bedrooms. Using this filter is very important. It is not the same to rent a studio than to rent a 3 bedroom apartment. Revenue, number of listings, occupancy rate can vary significantly. So you better specify the number of bedrooms you want to consider in your analysis. This filter will also allow you to evaluate the performance of a property based on the number of bedrooms your property has.
  4. Number of bathrooms: The number of bedrooms is another parameter you can specify on your search. This criteria is probably not as significant as the number of bedrooms but might be a criteria for people in the moment of deciding what property to rent. Take a look at the impact that the number of bathrooms has in the revenue a property can make.
  5. Property Type: If you want to get more specific on your search you can even do you analysis based on the property type. are you interested in analyzing an apartment or you want to specifically analyze data from a cabins, condos, houses or any other type of property in the market.
  6. Number of Guests: This filter is also very important. you can have a 3 bedroom apartment but the capacity of your property can be 6 people. Maybe just by increasing the capacity of your property you can increase significantly the revenue you make with a specific property. make sure you take into consideration this criteria when you are doing your analysis.
  7. Amenities: Does having a hot tub or a parking lot makes a huge difference? what are the amenities that people see as a must have and what are the amenities that can make you differentiate with other properties? how many properties you can find in an area with a hot tub? this filter will allow you to
  8. House Rules: Many guests are very specific on their vacation rental search. if they want to rent an apartment but they want to bring their pet this parameter is important to them. Being able to filter your search based on this criteria will allow you to start changing your house rules to improve your revenue. If you already own a property and you are about to start listing it, make sure you make this analysis before defining your house rules. what are you willing to change in order to increase your revenue?
  9. Booking Type: You can check whether you want to book instatly or later.
  10. Rating: If you only want to evaluate properties that are really performing well you can choose only listings that have a high rating score on the provider platform. This rating is based on the reviews people are doing on airbnb or Vrbo about that specific property. If you want to check only properties with 4 starts rating you can set up the rating option filter to 4.
  11. Host type: Many hosts have multiple properties. If you want to check if there is a specific behavior in properties that are managed by professional hosts or super hosts you can use this filter. You will only see properties that are being managed by these types of hosts. You can filter by independent hosts (hosts that manage 1-2 listings), Professional hosts (hosts that manage + 3 listings) and superhosts (hosts that manage +x properties)

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Final Comment

Every filter option brings very interesting insights behind, feel free to play with all these criteria to find your ideal property, define your house rules and offer all the amenities that will make you more competitive. The more you consider all these criteria on your analysis the better you will be able to estimate your potential revenue.

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