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Sevierville Tenesse.webp

1. Sevierville, Tennessee 
Median 2021 Host Revenue: $43,797

Explore Sevierville

Nashville City.webp

2. Nashville, Tennessee
Median 2021 Host Revenue: $24,368

Explore Nashville

Scottsdale City Arizona.webp

3. Scottsdale, Arizona
Median 2021 Host Revenue: $20,737

Explore Scottsdale

Kissimmee Florida.webp

4. Kissimmee, Florida
Median 2021 Host Revenue: $20,272

Explore Kissimmee

San Diego California.webp

5. San Diego, California
Median 2021 Host Revenue: $19,018

Explore San Diego

Los Angeles California.webp

6. Los Angeles, California
Median 2021 Host Revenue: $15,175

Explore Los Angeles

Austin Texas.webp

7. Austin, Texas
Median 2021 Host Revenue: $13,984

Explore Austin

Greater Phoenix Arizona.webp

8. Phoenix, Arizona
Median 2021 Host Revenue: $13,663

Explore Phoenix

Miami City Florida.webp

9. Miami, Florida
Median 2021 Host Revenue: $13,171

Explore Miami

New York City ny.webp

10. New York City, New York
Median 2021 Host Revenue: $9,732

Explore NYC

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Spot trends and opportunities in your short-term rental market using 4 years of historical data from the world’s most comprehensive short-term rental database.

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