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There are plenty of things to do in Paris. Choosing what to see on limited time is the real dilemma. What do you do if you only have a short time in Paris? Follow this 2-day itinerary that will take you through the best of the city, from food and wine to nightclubs and shows. We’ve included the must-see places and main attractions: the things you would kick yourself for missing.

You’ll get the most out of your 2-day trip to the City of Lights with our 48-hour itinerary for Paris.

Day 1 in Paris

9:00am – Grab a pain au chocolat in Plaza St. Michel

Plaza Saint Michel is a main square in the Latin Quarter. Find a table outside, order a warm Parisian pastry and wake up to a coffee and the sounds of the lively square.

2-day Paris Travel Itinerary
Photo by Veroyama

10:00am – Take the free walking tour

Head over to the fountain in Plaza St. Michel for the 2.5-hour free walking tour with Sandeman’s New Europe. If you’re going to see the city in two days, you’ll need a good foundation. Plus, you’ll want to check out the main tourist attractions first. Sandeman’s Tour will show you the best the city has to offer for a bargain price: free.

1:00pm – Have lunch at Frenchie To Go

This incredible bistro is the sister restaurant to the famous Frenchie and offers the most gourmet lunch items you’ll ever bite into. Seriously, even their beef hot dog with housemade sauerkraut will make you drool. With menu items ranging from 8€-14€, every item is a steal.

3:00pm – Take a stroll through Jardin du Luxembourg

Take a 15-minute cab ride from Frenchie to Jardin du Luxembourg, arguably the most beautiful garden in Paris. Stroll among rows of multicolored flowers, sit along the fountain or take a nap on the vast, green lawn just outside the palace. Consider bringing a bottle of wine, too. Beware, tourist attractions like this are prime locations for pickpockets. Learn how to avoid scams during your trip to Paris.

2-day Paris Travel Itinerary
Photo by Quiquefepe

6:00pm – Dinner at one of Paris’ most iconic restaurants

La Tour d’Argent is one of Paris’ oldest restaurants: it dates back to 1582. King Henri III was rumored to have used a fork for the first time here. Between the Michelin-star menu, locally sourced ingredients and menu prices, this place denotes a royal experience. Or, you can opt for Bouillon Chartier, a much more economical option with just as rich a history. This bistro opened in 1896, and is known for cheap food and wine, incredible decor and an even better dining experience.

8:30pm – Drinks and Music at Onze Bar

Onze Bar is an eclectic bohemian oasis set on a cobblestone street in the center of Paris. This bar features nightly live bands from every genre, including jazz, Balkan folk, blues, afrofunk and rock’n’roll. Patrons rarely miss an opportunity to get up and dance along.

10:30pm – Stay at the nearby Verlain Hotel

Just a 7-minute walk from Onze Bar, Verlain Hotel offers comfortable beds and a welcoming staff that is available 24 hours. After your long day, reward yourself with a good night’s rest at this highly-rated establishment.

2-day Paris Travel Itinerary
Photo by Onze Bar

Day 2 in Paris

9:00am – Breakfast at Cafe des Deux Moulins

Yes, this is the cafe in the famous French film, Amelie. Enjoy coffee and crepes and take in the setting from one the most proclaimed films in French history.

11:00am – Take in some nature at Bois de Vincennes Park

Good thing you got the tourist things out of the way. Now you can enjoy Paris the way Parisians do. Get outside the city for a bit and head to this park that features a botanical garden, Buddhist temple and zoo.

2-day Paris Travel Itinerary
Photo by Francisco Gonzalez

2:00pm – Grab a Financier from Maison Kayser

Located in the Latin Quarter, this location is known for their incredible almond tea cake, known as a Financier. You can opt for a mini version, but we suggest you go all in and save some for later. Also, you’ll be in the Latin Quarter, so browse around and sample all the delicious Parisian goodies in the area.

5:00pm – Pregame at your Airbnb

Grab a bottle of wine, check into this Airbnb with a view of the Eiffel Tower, kick back and relax. Your night is about to get pretty exciting.

7:00pm – Moulin Rouge

You don’t go to Paris without seeing the Moulin Rouge. This dinner show is a full-on party. Choose between a range of menu options and dine while you’re entertained by the full cabaret.

2-day Paris Travel Itinerary
Photo by Pexels

10:30pm – Party Hard at Showcase Nightclub

Finish off your last night in Paris with a little partying- with 3,000 others at Showcase Nightclub. This club is centrally located just along the Pont Alexandre III. Showcase brings the best electronic DJs and the most lively crowd- an ideal experience for your last night in Paris.

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48 Hours in Paris: Travel Itinerary
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