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Want to get to know London’s best neighborhoods and skip the tourist trail? We’ve put together an alternative guide to London, so you can get a real flavor of one of the most exciting cities in the world. Here’s your guide to 48-hours in London.

Day 1

9:00 am: Breakfast With A Spicy Twist

48-hours in London: your alternative itinerary
Photo by Ewan Munro

Start the day with an awesome breakfast at Dishoom, in London’s East End. Dishoom is an Indian restaurant that offers breakfast with a spicy twist. Try the Bacon Naan Roll or the Bombay Omelette. Indian culture is a big part of British culture, due to the history of India being a former British colony. So no trip to the UK is complete without sampling Indian cuisine!

10:30 am: Vintage Shopping

After breakfast, it’s time to shop! East London is known for its amazing vintage shops and warehouses. Head to Brick Lane and shop to your heart’s content.

12:00 pm: Embrace Your Inner Tomb Raider

48-hours in London: your alternative itinerary
Photo by Peter Trimming

Take a walk to St Dunstan’s in the East, a church that was bombed by Nazi planes during the Second World War. Today it still stands broken and is covered with jungle-like plants. Embrace your inner Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and enjoy some down-time on a bench before heading to eat.

1 pm: Time For Lunch

There are plenty of cheap eats close to St Dunstan’s in the East. From on-the-go sushi places to burrito bars — there is something for everyone.

3:00pm: Get Arty

48-hours in London: your alternative itinerary
Photo by South London Gallery

Take the tube to South London and head to South East London Gallery to get a flavor of London’s contemporary art scene.

5:30 pm: Coffee Break

Take a break in at Cafe 67, next-door to the south London Gallery. They make fantastic cakes and delicious flat whites.

7:00pm: Panoramic Views

Photo by Frank’s Cafe

Finish the evening by walking to Peckham, one of South London’s most creative and buzzing neighborhoods. Head to Frank’s Cafe, which is a bar at the top of a multi-storey car park, with panoramic views of London and a uber-cool, hipster crowd. Check out the calendar of events, sometimes there are concerts. There are great cocktails — not too pricey — and great food platters to share.

10:00 pm: Time To Dance

Head to Bussey Building, which is an arty club in a former factory. The club that has nights ranging from MoTown to Hip Hop to Electro. Whatever the club night, it’s guaranteed to be packed.

Day 2

11:00am: Brunch

48-hours in London: your alternative itinerary
Photo by Bella Horwood

Head to Brixton Market for a delicious brunch. Brixton Market is a converted former-1950s-mall that is now full of eateries, from sour-dough pizza restaurants, through to Jamaican chicken shacks.

1:00pm: Central London

48-hours in London: your alternative itinerary
Photo by Sky Garden

A fifteen-minute tube ride will take you into Central London. Head to the Sky Garden, a giant indoor garden that is 155 meters high, with amazing views of central London. The garden is free to enter, but you need to reserve an entry slot beforehand.

3:00pm: Snack Time

48-hours in London: your alternative itinerary
Photo by Stephen

By now your brunch has worn off, and you’re starting to feel hungry again. Head to London’s historic neighborhood of Clerkenwell, a 30-minute-walk, where there are tons of delish cafes. Charles Dickens, the famous English literary writer, lived in Clerkenwell. His books were based on life in the 1800s in the neighborhood, so soak in the views of the historic Victorian buildings and winding, cobbled streets.

5:30 pm: London’s Oldest Pub

Grab a drink at Ye Old Cheshire and Cheese, London’s oldest pub that was established in 1667. The pub has low-beamed ceiling and a maze-like layout. Head down the pub’s narrow stairs to the former vault area that is thought to pre-date the pub. Grab some traditional pub food if you’re hungry.

7:30 pm: A Bloody Evening

48-hours in London: your alternative itinerary
Photo by Jack The Ripper Tours

Take a grizzly ‘Jack the Ripper walking tour’ to find out more about one of London’s most notorious serial killers from the Victorian era. Tours start at 7:30 pm and are run various companies. The tours take you through the winding streets of East London — be prepared to get spooked!

10:00 pm: Live Music at The Piano Works London

Once you’ve finished the walking tour, you can head to this basement bar to get some food and drinks for the night. Ideal for a date location, girls night or just fun with friends. The Piano Works London has all you need to make you feel part of something special while you get immersed in the musical magic.

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