5 airbnbs with stunning kitchens
Photo by Pixabay

The kitchen is the heart of every home. We’ve selected five dreamy Airbnb kitchens, to give you tons of kitchen design inspiration for this year’s latest trends. From a Balinese bamboo kitchen, through to a rustic Tuscan farmhouse where you can really feel like an Italian chef, here are our top picks.

1. Asian Delight

5 airbnbs with stunning kitchens
Photo by Daniel

This five-floored bamboo palace looks like something a king would live in. It features an exotic, Asian-themed design and a jaw-dropping bamboo kitchen. The house, which is set on a river valley in Bali, has a giant open plan. A rounded table surrounds the kitchen, which has a tiki bar feel to it. The combination of bamboo combined with fresh green indoor plants is a top trend for 2017-18.

If you want to see the incredible bamboo palace for yourself, you can book the property.


2. Rustic Tuscan Kitchen

5 airbnbs with stunning kitchens
Photo by Poggio

Every year, rustic kitchen design always make an appearance as a top trend, so why not take a look at this homely Tuscan villa for some inspiration? This house features a beautiful kitchen with low-beamed ceilings, mid-wood kitchen cabinets, and terracotta floor tiles. It’s a simple, rustic design that brings warmth to all guests. You can almost smell the aroma of fresh pasta sauce cooking just from looking at the pictures.

You can stay and whip up an Italian feast at the Tuscan Villa. Meanwhile, check out all accommodation in Tuscany.


3. Light and Dark

5 airbnbs with stunning kitchens
Photo by Trip Advisor

One of the top trends of 2017-18 is ‘light and dark’, and this chic apartment in New York can show you how it’s done. Apartment Romeu, which is located in Tribeca, features dark, wood-paneled flooring, dark wood cabinets, fresh white surfaces and stainless steel finishings. It has an awesome breakfast bar in the middle, which makes it the perfect place for social gatherings.

If you want to test out the kitchen for yourself, you can book the Apartment Romeu. You can also explore more chic New York accommodation options.


4. Brick by Brick

Photo by Angela

Brick-walled kitchens are one of the most popular kitchen designs for 2017-18. This red-brick-walled kitchen in a loft apartment in New York is a perfect example. The kitchen features low-hanging lights, gray surfaces, and oak-wood tables and units. The Airbnb rental also comes complete with your very own chef, so you can gaze in awe at the kitchen, while your food is whipped up before your eyes.

Book the NYC loft


5. New Orleans Lake House

5 airbnbs with stunning kitchens
Photo by Liz

This lakeside house in New Orleans features a stunning kitchen with white marble tops, an oak wood breakfast bar and beige-tiled walls. The fresh kitchen design fits with this year’s trend of beige and soft browns.

Book the lakeside house and explore accommodation options in New Orleans.


If you’re looking for more awesome kitchen interior design ideas, check out the Kitchen & Bathroom Industry Show (KBIS), which is a great place to visit to get inspiration and see new trends. The show will take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando on January 9-11, 2018. And if you need a place to stay nearby, we have tons of options for you. Check out all accommodation options in Orlando. Plus — if you’re looking for a couple of awesome kitchen interior design ideas, why not check out House of Home‘s kitchen design page?


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