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Heading down under to the Rainbow Serpent Festival in Victoria, or just looking for some cool stuff to do around the state? We’ve rounded up five of the most fun things to do in Victoria, so rent a car and get exploring! From stunning drives, through to selfies with koalas and snorkeling with sea dragons, here are our top picks.

1. Drive the Great Ocean Road

Victoria AU
Photo by Larry W. Lo

If you’re traveling through the state of Victoria, you simply have to rent a car and drive down the Great Ocean Road. The road, which is 243 kilometers, is listed as an Australian National Heritage. There’s beautiful scenery and it’s one of the world’s most scenic, coastal drives. On the drive you can stop to see koalas chilling-out in the trees and do a bit of surfing along the coast. Don’t forget to take some selfies.

2. Watch a match at Melbourne Cricket Ground

Things To Do Down Under In Victoria
Photo by Alexander Sheko

Melbourne Cricket Ground is an enormous venue that has been home to top sporting events such as international football, FIFA world cup qualifies, cricket tournaments and rugby matches. The cricket ground is Australia’s largest and most popular sporting venue and can hold over 100,000 people at any given time. In the stadium, there’s also a National Sports Museum, where you can brush up on your knowledge. Don’t forget to test your knowledge in one of Melbourne’s pub trivia quizzes.

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3. Sample wine in the Yarra Valley

Things To Do Down Under In Victoria
Photo by alh1

The Yarra Valley lies to the east of Melbourne and is known for producing some of the best Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs in Australasia. The valley has been producing fine wines for over 170 years and the area’s winemakers are experts in creating fresh, fruity flavors. There are tons of vineyards that you can explore, with many offering wine tasting tours. Some of the most popular tours include Badger’s Brook Estate and Coldstream Hills. Be sure to eat a big lunch to soak up the booze.

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4. Marvel in awe at the Twelve Apostles

By Philip Yuan

Located offshore along the Great Ocean Road, you will find twelve enormous limestone rock formations jutting out of the coastline. The formations, known as the Twelve Apostles, are said to have been sculpted naturally by the action of wind and waves and the constant erosion of the mainland over the last 10-20 million years. The phenomenal sight, which is 275 kilometers to the west of Melbourne, draws thousands of tourists each year. It’s best visited at sunrise or sunset – take some time to marvel in awe at mother nature.

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5. Snorkeling at Port Phillip

Things To Do Down Under In Victoria
Photo by Pixabay

Port Phillip, sometimes called Phillip Bay, is a great place to go snorkeling. The port features more than 16 individual bays where you can sunbathe, snorkel and soak up the sweet Australian sunshine. If you love diving or snorkeling, there are tons of things to do and explore, from swimming with the local sea dragons through to exploring shipwrecks and mini-islands.

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Awesome Things To Do In Victoria, Australia
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