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Traveling through India as a woman can be a daunting experience. Whether you’re with a group of friends or riding solo, we’ve selected five of the best hostels for women in India. From relaxing beach-side hostels in Goa to party hostels in Agra, take a look at our top picks.

1. Road House Hostel, Goa

Best hostels for women in india
Photo by Roadhouse Hotels

Goa, in South India, is known for its incredible beaches and sleepy backwater town vibe. The Roadhouse Hostel has gender-based dorms and gender-based toilets, giving women total privacy. It’s right by the beach and near some of Goa’s best cafes.

Book your place to stay at The Road House Hostel from $4 a night.

2. Red Lollipop Hostel, Chennai

Best hostels for women in india
Photo by Red Lollipop Hostel

Chennai is known as a spiritual destination for those looking to relax. The Red Lollipop hostel has female-only dorms and is conveniently located directly across the road from a bus depot, taking you to destinations all over the country. Guests love the hostel’s free breakfast and speedy wifi — which can be hard to find in India!

Book a bed at the Red Lollipop Hostel from $7.50 a night.

3. The Madpackers Hostel, Delhi

Best hostels for women in india
Photo by The Madpackers Hostel

The Madpackers Hostel in Delhi is known as one of the best hostels in India — and you are almost guaranteed to meet like-minded travelers. While the hostel pulls in a party crowd during the evenings, during the day it provides a quiet retreat from the chaos of Delhi. Guests describe the hostel as a peaceful oasis in the middle of one of the world’s most hectic cities. The hostel features female-only dorms, alongside mixed dorms.

Book a bed at The Madpackers Hostel from $9 a night.

4. Zostel, Jaipur

Best hostels for women in india
Photo by Zostel

Zostel Jaipur is part of the Zostel hostel chain that has branches in India’s main cities. Zostel is known as a great place for women to stay, offering a ‘Superior Female-only Dormitory’ that is super clean, fresh — and offers women a quiet retreat. The hostel has a large chill-out area, with sofas, big cushions, musical instruments and bookshelves.

Book a bed at Zostel, Jaipur from $4 a night.

5. Bedwiser Backpackers, Agra

Best hostels for women in india
Photo by Bedwiser Backpackers

With a cheeky name that links Budweiser beer and beds, it’s no wonder that this hostel is known for its great party atmosphere. The hostel is in a prime location, just one mile from the Taj Mahal and is known as a great place for solo travelers. The hostel features four-bed female dorms, along with mixed dorms.

Book a room at Bedweiser Backpackers from $5 a night.

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The 5 Best Hostels for Women In India
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