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There are so many amazing things to see in the world, yet one of the top reasons that people don’t travel is a lack of funds. Luckily, we found the solution!

These 5 destinations are worth the trip and the price and are among the cheapest places to travel. With these on your radar, you can travel at ease, without worrying about your wallet.

1. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

cheap travel destinations
Photo by Hendrik Terbeck

For surfers and backpackers alike, Puerto Escondido proves to be a perfect budget, beach-bum destination. Hostel beds near the beach rent for as low as $6.25, a great deal for those looking to wake up and catch some waves. This cheap travel destination boasts great beaches lined by restaurants and bars with a hippie-like, laid-back atmosphere. Check out the central market Mercado Benito Juarez for cheap fruits, juices and vegetables or discover restaurants with plates of fresh fish tacos for around $5.

2. Northern Vietnam

cheap travel destinations
Photo by Stephen Luckett

Vietnam is already known to be a great budget destination for Western visitors, and Northern Vietnam even more so. You can find accommodation as low as $5 for a dorm bed and meals between $0.50 – $2. Transportation is also very cheap and usually costs about $3. You can even rent a motorbike for $8-12 per day!

cheap travel destinations
Photo by Duncan Kinnear

Towns like Sapa in North Vietnam lure tourists with its rippling terraced rice fields and its winding roads traverse gorgeous looming mountains. The region provides amazing scenery to complement the cultural charm.

3. Puerto Rico

While the daily cost of living is more expensive when compared with the rest of Latin America, Puerto Rico still serves as an easily affordable destination for U.S. citizens for several reasons.

cheap travel destinations
Photo by Denyliz Rodgz

Being a U.S. territory, money is saved by not having to acquire a passport or exchange currency, as the U.S. dollar is legal tender. Puerto Rico is the perfect budget getaway as you can find extremely cheap flights to the island from anywhere in the U.S. Be careful of what time of year you travel as prices will surge during high season. The best time to take advantage of San Juan’s beautiful beaches and international charm is from mid-April to mid-December.

4. Morocco

Morocco is a cheap destination with breathtaking natural landscapes, desert adventures, and eye-opening experiences. Traveling within Morocco is extremely cheap when compared to Western countries. A four-hour local bus trip will cost just under $6, a soup or sandwich between $.50 – $3 and a basic double accommodation with a shared bathroom can be found for the price of $5.

cheap travel destinations
Photo by Mike Roy Anderson

Some top experiences in Morocco include camel treks and sand-boarding amongst the desert sand dunes. The blue city of Chefchaouen is a must-see with its dreamy labyrinth streets winding through blue-painted buildings.

5. Antigua, Guatemala

cheap travel destinations
Photo by disoniador

A cheaper Latin American destination with a healthy amount of tourism, this city shows an authentic side of Guatemala. Accommodations can be found for cheap, with a dorm bed averaging around $10 a night. Transport and food are even cheaper, as an adventurous ride on a local “chicken bus” will only cost $2.70 and a filling meal in any corner restaurant will range from $4-6.

Antigua contains beautiful ruins throughout the city as well as an incredible volcano hike, which is far from strenuous and well worth the visit. Check out the city during Semana Santa for amazing cultural events, but be sure to book the trip in advance as flight prices surge this time of year.

cheap travel destinations
Photo by Sharon Broadway

If you find yourself with extra time, check out the beautiful Lake Atitlan, just a chicken bus ride away!

These 5 destinations are worth the trip and the price, and are among the cheapest places to travel.
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5 of the Cheapest Places to Travel
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