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Kandy, Sri Lanka is a city surrounded by lush, green tea plantations. Most people head to Kandy to explore the mystical Temple of the Tooth Relic, which is known as one of the Buddhist world’s most sacred places. On any tour around Sri Lanka, the Temple of the Tooth Relic is a not-to-be-missed stop. For those of you headed this way, we’ve rounded up the top 5 restaurants in Kandy, from a fried ice cream parlor, through to some of the best Sri Lankan dosas. Because who doesn’t want some good grub after a full day of exploring?

1. Cool Corner Fried Ice Cream Parlor

Cool Corner Fried Ice Cream Parlor does exactly what it says on the tin. They have tons of ice cream flavors, including milk-free vegan ice cream options. There are awesome daily specials too (ask for the peanut butter, raspberry and banana flavors if you can, you won’t regret it). The parlor is a great place to duck into on a hot day. It serves up tons of interesting ice cream flavors including Indian chai tea, white chocolate and mint, and plum pudding. It’s the perfect dessert stop to help to cool your mouth down after some spicy curry. The ice cream can be eaten deep fried, or regular.

Best restaurants in sri lanka

2. Balaji Dosai

Balaji Dosai is often described as the best place to sample Sri Lankan food in Kandy. The restaurant serves up vegetarian dosas, which are super-thin pancakes filled with spicy potato and vegetable fillings. It’s one of the most traditional dishes in South Indian cooking, and very popular in Sri Lankan cuisine. Order the masala dosa with a side of coconut chutney. The South Indian flavors will blow your mind. Each dosa is around $1-2 dollars, making it an absolute bargain.

top restaurants in sri lanka

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3. Slightly Chilled Lounge Bar

The Slightly Chilled Lounge Bar is a great place to kick back with some beers, listen to music and eat tasty food. The menu serves up Chinese influenced dishes, making it a great place to visit if you fancy a break from Sri Lanka’s spicy food. Some of the top dishes include the egg fried rice, sizzling beef and spring rolls.

4. Kandyan Arts Restaurant

Following suit, the Kandyan Arts Restaurant serves up large food portions of Chinese food, including stir-fried rice and a variety of meats. If you like cocktails, there’s a daily happy hour from five to six and a great rooftop overlooking the lake. Some of the top dishes include beef stir-fry, spring rolls and sweet and sour chicken. It’s got a cool, traveler vibe to it and it’s a great place to meet new people.

Best restaurants in kandy

5. The Kottu House

The Kottu House specializes, as its name suggests, in kottu, which is a popular Sri Lankan street food made from flaky flatbread that gets mixed into a stir-fry with eggs, spices, curry sauce and other ingredients. The restaurant has a simple menu with different kottu, including crab kottu, mutton kottu, and chicken kottu. The portion size is huge, so arrive hungry!

top restaurants in kandy

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