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We tend to view the Gulf States as straining towards the future, often at an uncomfortably fast pace. Massive super malls, towering skyscrapers and exotic cars dotting the desert as oil money pours in — at times it can be hard to trace the culture and history. It’s sort of a Goldilocks-type conundrum. There’s the insane wealth of cities like Abu Dhabi and then there’s the open desert where there’s, well, sand. Where does one find the “just right” of the Gulf Region? We would point you towards Oman, the often overlooked but quite nicely balanced country located on the southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. While still wealthy and on board with some of the trends adopted by its neighbors, Oman isn’t in the same rush. It has found a way to dodge much of the flash favored in the region and preserve a level of older world charm. You can walk along the water and listen to the call to prayer in Muscat or explore the lush green countryside and waterfalls of Salalah during the monsoon season. Sound just right? Check out our picks for the best Oman Airbnbs. 

Muscat Beach House

Oman Airbnbs
Photo by Heavenaparments

One of Oman’s greatest attractions is its beautiful, often mountainous coastline, and one would be hard-pressed to find a better place to take it in than this beach house. With two bedrooms, three bathrooms, sharp interior decorating and multiple views of the water, we’re sold. Hop in a boat and explore the nearby caves or bring some scuba gear and check out what it looks like below the surface.

Matrah Penthouse

Oman Airbnbs
Photo by Mohammed

Located twenty minutes east of Muscat, Matrah is a beautiful old city that wraps around a small port in a crescent-like manner. From this one-bedroom apartment, you can take a quick walk down to the water or hike up the mountains that surround the port in time for the sunset. The apartment itself won us over with its simplicity, views, and the terrace that connects to the bedroom.

Behlys Villa Guesthouse

Oman Airbnbs
Photo by Rahim

What about solo travelers looking to link up with a few other explorers? This Muscat guesthouse looks like the perfect find. With seven neat rooms, a nice breakfast spread, a beautiful outdoor dining area and the beach just a five-minute walk down the street, guests will want for not.

Muscat Villa Getaway

Offered as a three-bedroom villa attached to the Barr al Jissah Shangri La Hotel Resort, this luxury rental has views of both the surrounding mountains and the Arabian Sea. There’s also a shared swimming pool and a sweet outdoor entertaining/lounge area. This option is for those seeking a little luxury in their Oman vacation.

Lana Beach Villa

Airbnbs in Oman
Photo by Faye

This villa is actually a bed and breakfast that puts its guests right on the beach in Muscat. The insider info provided by the hosts, the neat interior decorating and the sweet outdoor dining and lounge areas all caught our eye.

Luxury Salalah Beachfront Villa

Airbnbs in Oman
Photo by Oliver

What if you’re headed to Oman with the family or with a larger group of friends and the typical two-bedroom options just aren’t cutting it? This four-bedroom beach house is located in Salalah, a small city on the southern coast near the Yemeni border. We love the modern style, the green areas (Salalah is an oasis of sorts during the wet months), and the crashing waves just a football field from the front door.

Salalah Beachfront Apartment

Airbnbs to stay in oman
Photo by Suzanne

Another luxury spot in Salalah, this two-bedroom apartment looks downright awesome. The apartment is spacious and modern and the terrace area that looks out over the sea and the small port is icing on the cake. Everything is modern and neat and the outdoor space looks perfect for unwinding after a long day of exploring.

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