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Many know the Fiesta Bowl as a postseason college football match that brings hundreds of thousands to Scottsdale, Arizona each year to witness the best in the sport. It’s true that the Fiesta Bowl has garnered millions of viewers over the 45 years that it has been in existence, but what most don’t know is that this non-profit organization has a strong philanthropic element.

Over the past seven years alone, the Fiesta Bowl has contributed over $10 million dollars to nonprofit organizations. Each year, the organization partners with a handful of charities and initiatives in an effort to continue this legacy.

Here are six non-profit organizations that the Fiesta Bowl will be partnering with this year.

1. Wishes for Teachers

This year, 100 lucky teachers will receive $5000 to make their classroom wishes come true, making Fiesta Bowl’s contribution $500,000 in total. Award recipients will be able to use the funds to fix, remodel, or upgrade their classroom to better serve their students.

2. Grants for Local Charities

Fiesta Bowl
Photo by Marco

Fiesta Bowl takes its role in the local community seriously. Each year, the organization contributes a sizeable donation to a selected group of Arizona nonprofit organizations. The grant cycle helps keep local organizations thriving and ensures that they have the resources they need to continue to do good in the local community. This, year, the Fiesta Bowl contributed $2.5 million to various charities, including The Boys and Girls Club of Tucson, The Colten Cowell Foundation, The American Red Cross,  Hope Kid, and many more.

3. Soldier’s Best Friend

Fiesta Bowl
Photo by André Gustavo Stumpf

This Arizona based organization pairs veterans who are experiencing combat-related PTSD with service dogs to help ease their transition back into the community. These dogs aid in mitigating the adverse psychological impact on the lives of those who have served our country in the most selfless way.

4. The POPSICLE Center

By Monkey Business Images

The POPSICLE Center provides educational tools and resources to the families of infants, toddlers who struggle with feeding. Pediatric feeding disorders result in many undesirable outcomes for babies and their families, including malnutrition, illness, and hospitalization. This organization works to combat this critical problem by offering support to these families, and the Fiesta Bowl is helping them do so.

5. New Way Academy

Fiesta Bowl
Photo by New Way Academy

New Way Academy is fighting to live no child behind in the education system. It has worked to establish itself as the premier independent school for children facing learning disabilities. The school accepts children K-12 who suffer from dyslexia, ADHD, and other functional learning disabilities, giving them a fair chance at a quality education.

6. Shoebox Ministry

Fiesta Bowl
Photo by Pixabay

The Shoebox Ministry facilitates the collection of toiletries and hygienic goods to be given out to people in need. The organization distributes these items to the homeless or to those who cannot afford them. Shoebox Ministry continues to help their local community thanks, in part, to the support it receives from The Fiesta Bowl.

See the full list of organizations that the Fiesta Bowl supports, and find out how you can get involved too.

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6 Ways the Fiesta Bowl Cares for the Local Community
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