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Are you heading on vacation to the Boracay islands in the Philippines? Lucky you! Boracay has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with bright white sand, turquoise water, and killer sunsets. We’ve rounded up six of the best restaurants in Boracay, from fresh, healthy cafes through to restaurants with awesome seafood platters, here are the seven best restaurants in Boracay:

1. The Pig Out Bistro

If you want to get your fix of seafood, The Pig Out Bistro is where you should head. It’s known as one of the best restaurants in Boracay thanks to its delicious seafood platters and paella. Portions are big, so you can really ‘pig out’. Other options on the menu include a starter of calamari, delicious, hand-cut fries, buffalo wings and burgers. It can get busy at dinner time, so arrive early.

best restaurants in Boracay

2. Sunny Side Cafe

The Sunny Side Cafe is known for its delicious, fluffy pancakes. If you’re traveling and missing a taste of home, head directly to the cafe in the morning to get your fix of American breakfast with a Filipino twist. The pancakes are known to be enormous, so arrive hungry or share an order. They also have great egg options, including frittatas and poached eggs with chorizo. Plus the smoothies and juices are delicious.

best restaurants in Boracay

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3. Nonie’s

Nonie’s is a great budget restaurant that serves healthy food. It offers vegan and vegetarian dishes, alongside meat options. Everything comes with a large serving of vegetables, whether it’s a main or a fresh salad that you order. Top dishes include the beef ribs with black rice and a coconut and cashew nut sauce. If you’re on the hunt for a good brunch spot, Nonie’s also serves up egg breakfasts.

Where to eat in Boracay

4. Lemon Cafe

Lemon Cafe is another great healthy option that serves up fresh salads, ciabatta-bread sandwiches stuffed with delicious fillings and tropical juices. It’s a great place for veggies and meat-eaters alike, with tons of options on the menu. They also have a nice cake selection, including lemon tart, mango cake and salted caramel chocolate cake.

restaurants in Boracay

5. Solana at the Shangri-La

If you want to treat yourself, look no further than Solana at the Shangri-La. It’s an upscale restaurant located on the beach and is an amazing place to watch the sunset while sipping on cocktails and eating seafood. Try the scallops and black ink prawns. If you’re really hungry you can also order a giant seafood tower platter that includes crab, mussels, squid and more.

Where to eat in Boracay

6. Los Indios Bravos Boracay

Los Indios Bravos has a menu with a wide selection of classic plates, including sausage and mash potatoes, rib eye steak, honey and soy chicken wings and chicken tikka. Get the deep fried mars bar serves with ice cream for dessert, you won’t regret it!

7. Dos Mestizos

Dos Mestizos is a Spanish style tapas bar that draws on the country’s history of the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines, which lasted from the 16th-19th century. The restaurant offers paella, chorizo, sangria and tons of tapas plates. You can also order traditional Spanish suckling piglet in advance.

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