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Restaurants in anguilla

So you’re heading to the Caribbean paradise of Anguilla, lucky you! While Anguilla is a small island, it has great options for restaurants, from fresh seafood to European and Mexican joints. We’ve rounded up the seven best restaurants in Anguilla just for you.

1. Blanchard’s Beach Shack

best restaurants in anguilla
Photo by Blanchard’s Beach Shack

Blanchard’s Beach Shack is located on the beautiful Mead’s Bay Beach. While it’s just a shack, don’t be put off as it serves some of the most delicious fresh fish on the island, and for a good price. Order a couple of jerk shrimp tacos and a cold beer. They also have fresh salads, burgers and hot dogs, for those looking for a break from traditional Caribbean cuisine or seafood.

2. Veya Restaurant

best restaurants in anguilla
Photo by Veya Restaurant

Veya Restaurant serves up traditional Caribbean cuisine such as conch fritters, poached lobster, red snapper fish and coconut cake. It’s especially popular in the evenings, but don’t be put off by a line as its totally worth it.

3. Ken’s BBQ

restaurants in anguilla
Photo by What We Do In Anguilla

There’s always a line outside Ken’s BBQ, which is known for its simple menu of delicious barbeque ribs. You can get sides of garlic bread, french fries and chicken wings if you’re extra hungry. People flock to the restaurant thanks to the delicious aroma coming from the BBQ. 

4. Straw Hat

Top restaurants in anguilla
Photo by Straw Hat Restaurant

Straw Hat is a top food joint that’s loved by locals and tourists alike. They’re open all day, and serve breakfast foods from pancakes and eggs, through to great meat and fish options for dinner. Try the spicy fish sandwich and pair it with a pina colada. You can also eat Caribbean favorites such as curried goat and rice and peas.

5. Picante

Top restaurants in anguilla
Photo by Picante

Head to Picante to get your Mexican food fix. It’s got all of the classics on the menu, including nachos, burritos tacos and delicious guacamole. Be sure to try the seafood enchiladas. The atmosphere is buzzing in the evenings. Grab a couple of margaritas and kick back.

6. Pimms

By ARENA Creative

If you want to eat fish while looking at swimming fish, head to Pimms restaurant. Pimms is a high-end restaurant located on the water It’s a great place to head to if you’re looking for a special meal to begin or wrap-up your trip, with its candle-lit tables and view of Maundays Bay. It’s got a large menu of seafood, steak and chicken dishes. Some of the top plates include Anguillian lobster bisque and ‘big eye snapper Asian style’, which is a red snapper fish stir-fried in a spicy sauce.

7. Mango’s Seaside Grill

Top restaurants in anguilla
Photo by Mango’s Seaside Grill

Mango’s Seaside Grill is located on the beach and offers incredible sunset views. It serves great cocktails and a light menu of salads and seafood, including Caribbean classics such as red snapper fish and lobster. Be sure to order a rum punch, known as a pyrat punch.

The 7 Best Restaurants in Anguilla
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