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We’ve all heard the horror stories. You go on on a relaxing holiday only to come home to discover overages on your cell phone bill – overages that often add up to as much as the cost of your room.

Before you leave on a trip — particularly if you plan to be live-Instagramming and Tweeting while you’re away — check with your provider to make sure you’ll be covered. AllTheRooms has pulled together some of the top holiday destinations you can travel to on your existing phone plan.

Best phone plan for travel
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Destinations in Mexico

Not only is Mexico next door to the U.S., but some international phone plans even offer 4G coverage there. One of the most popular phone plans is the T-Mobile One Plan, which offers unlimited 2G coverage in Mexico. This comes at no extra cost to the T-Mobile One cell phone plan, you can just hop on a plane and start using your phone straight away. While T-Mobile offers 2G at no cost, you can upgrade to 4g for a small fee.

Here are some of our favorite Mexican vacation destinations:

Puerto Escondido

Best phone plans for travel
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Puerto Escondido on Oaxaca’s dreamy coast is only a seven-hour flight from New York City. Oaxaca is famous for its food, with incredibly rich flavors featuring meats cooked in chocolate and cinnamon sauces. Meanwhile, the Oaxacan coast is known for its great surf and laid-back beach culture.

Isla Holbox

Best place to travel with a phone plan
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Play ‘Robinson Crusoe’ for a week on the island of Isla Holbox, which is only a three-hour drive and boat ride from Cancun. There are currently no proper roads on the island and the only way to get around Isla Holbox’s sandy streets is by golf buggy or bicycle. The island itself is a tropical paradise and you can eat grilled-fish-tacos and drink Micheladas to your heart’s content.

Mexico City

Best places to travel to with a phone plan
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Meanwhile, if you want to see one of Latin America’s most enormous and vibrant cities, take a trip to Mexico City. Only 3.5 hours by plane from Los Angeles, it is easy to get to and has tons to keep you busy. You can stroll the streets of the historic center, visit several of the city’s many museums, browse the artwork of Frida Kahlo and learn more about the mystical Mayan culture.

Destinations in Canada

T-Mobile also offers great 3G or 4G coverage in Canada as an add-on to its One Plan. So just like Mexico, you can hop on a plane and continue using your phone as you would at home.


The best cell phone plans for travel
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Take a trip to French-speaking Montreal in Canada and get a taste of European culture. Walk the cobbled streets of the Old own, visit the Notre-Dame Basilica and sample French-Canadian cuisine. There’s a big foodie scene in Montreal, with more restaurants per capita than even New York. So arrive hungry!

Banff (British Columbia)

Cell phone plan for travel
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If you want to see Mother Nature at her best, you should take a trip to Banff, in British Columbia. You can stay in a cute cabin and curl up by a log-fire after a long day exploring stunning blue lakes and far-reaching forests.

Destinations in Central and South America

If you’re on a Sprint phone plan, you’re in luck! Sprint provides service across South and Central America, with coverage in almost every country. Sprint’s ‘Open World’ add-on is free if you already have a monthly policy with them. To activate the policy, call Sprint beforehand and it will be added to your account at no extra charge.

Granada, Nicaragua

Best cell phone plans for travel
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The stunning colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua, is a six-hour flight from New York and Los Angeles. You can walk the cobbled streets of the historic center, take photos of the brightly-colored houses and soak in the view of nearby volcanoes.

Buenos Aires

Best phone plans for travel
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The sexy Argentinian capital is known as the ‘Paris’ of South America. Buenos Aires has flavor and history. Wander streets lined with elegant French and Italian inspired buildings, or enjoy a steamy Argentine tango, often performed on those same streets.

Rio de Janeiro

Best phone plans for travel
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Arguably the most exciting city in South America, Rio de Janeiro bursts with energy. Spend a few days in Rio, getting to know the different neighborhoods, from the gritty Favelas through to the affluent Ipanema beach neighborhood.

Pro Tip: It is worth remembering that carriers make frequent changes to their plans, so it’s always wise to check with your carrier directly.

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