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With AllTheRoom’s recent involvement in the new Netflix series Stay Here, we’ve found ourselves curious to explore what it really takes to have a successful Airbnb rental, especially in some of the most competitive home rental cities in the world. Using our unique data we’ve taken a look at the cities with the most Airbnb inventory. Are you curious to know the most competitive Airbnb location? Find out here.

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5. Sydney

Arriving in fifth place is Sydney. Our data shows that as of June 2018, Sydney has 33,984 Airbnb listings, and it’s easy to see why. Sydney is the most popular city to travel to in Australia, thanks to its iconic sites, such as the Sydney Opera House and proximity to incredible Aussie beaches. Demand for accommodation is high, with many people shunning traditional hotels, in favor of a more local experience. The average daily rate in Sydney of an Airbnb rental is $153 as of August 2018.

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4. Rio de Janeiro

Due to a fluctuating economy, prices in Rio de Janeiro are incredibly high and a trip to the Brazilian capital can set you back a lot of money. More people than ever are opting for Airbnb accommodation to save pennies on their vacation. High demand is met with plenty of inventory in the city: a recorded 38,786 listings as of June 2018. The average daily rate for an Airbnb here is $178 as of August 2018 — the highest ADR of the top five competitive cities — reflecting Rio’s pricey living.

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3. New York

With 51,419 listings as of June 2018, New York comes in as the third most competitive city for Airbnb rentals. As with the other top cities, prices in New York are astronomically high, especially in the hotel sector, so many vacationers are opting for Airbnbs instead. The average daily rate of an Airbnb rental in New York is $148 as of August 2018.

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2. Paris

Predictably, Paris is in second place, with a whopping 66,041 listed properties as of June 2018. The ‘City of Light’ is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe, coming in at first place on TripAdvisor’s best destinations in Europe 2018 list. Airbnbs in Paris are exceptionally popular with travelers who are looking for a more traditional, Parisian experience. Many choose a home rental with the idea of buying warm, fresh french baguette and devouring it from the seat of a balcony. As of August 2018, the average daily rate of an Airbnb in Paris is $121, making it one of the more affordable destinations in the list.

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1. London

Coming in at first place, with an enormous 74,315 Airbnb listings as of June 2018, is London. Bursting with history, tradition and buzzing neighborhoods it’s easy to see why London is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Hotel and hostel prices are very expensive, and in such a big city it’s much cheaper to stay outside of the city center. The average daily rate in London, as of August 2018, is $146.

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