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You’ve decided to skip the hotel search for your next vacation and friends have suggested both Airbnb and Roomorama. The business model of these two rental sites is very similar: Offer rooms, houses, and apartments for travelers seeking an alternative to the conventional hotel lineup. So what’s the difference between Airbnb and Roomorama? 

Size and reputation

Airbnb offers more variety (you can find a yacht if you look hard enough) and claims over 1 million properties in more than 190 countries. Roomorama has over 300,000 rentals but is more limited as far as locations go.

Types of accommodations

While Airbnb offers everything, Roomorama focuses more on individual rooms and houses.

Roomorama is for the long haul

In 2015 Roomorama reported that its users booked properties for an average of 9 days at an average cost of $1,000. Cut that time and that price in half for Airbnb stays.


For hosts, Airbnb insures damages for up to $1 million. Roomorama does not have an insurance policy and instead encourages hosts to charge a security deposit.

What’s the property for?

Roomorama is a little more narrow in the sense that it tends to offer properties for groups of friends or families looking to book a property for a vacation. Airbnb also serves that crowd, but taps into the market of business travelers who might just be passing through and staying for a night or two.

So think family reunion or friends getaway for Roomorama and business trip or weekend getaways for Airbnb.

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