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Looking for some fun in the sun on your trip to Argentina? Check out Argentina’s top 5 beaches to plan a beach day or even a whole beach vacation to soak up the sun and dive into the water. All along the coast, you’ll find unique beach towns, secluded hideaways, and bustling cities giving you the perfect mix from which to choose.

1. Carilo

This small sleepy beach is a perfect destination for a quiet beach vacation. The waterfront area is lined with small cabins for you to stay in while enjoying your days on the shore. Carilo’s soft gold sand lined with pine trees on one side and by the clear blue water on the other make it ideal for your days of rest and relaxation. Watch out, however, for the price range. Carilo is the go-to destination for the Argentinian elite, and a stay at this beach does not come cheap. But the serenity of the place plus the people you may see make it worth the money.

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Carilo Argentina

2. Las Grutas

Looking for something unique? Head down south to the Argentinian Patagonia. Patagonia is not just Argentina’s go-to destination for all things cold, but is also home to various beaches. With pure white sand, refreshing waters, easy access to the penguin and sea lion spotting in Puerto Madryn, and rocky seaside cliffs dotting the shores, Las Grutas, in Rio Negro, is a beach trip as unique as they come.  Las Grutas is relatively isolated and unheard of, but that only makes the experience more magical.

Las Grutas Argentina

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3. Pehuen Co

Head to Pehuen Co if you’re looking for adventure. This beach boasts long stretches of golden sand up against the deep blue sea, with not a single home or resort or even restaurant for miles. Pehuen Co is truly a secluded experience, perfect for those who just need to get away from it all. Located in Buenos Aires province just a short distance from Bahia Blanca, Pehuen Co is perfect for a day trip, picnics on the sand, walks along the water, or camping out if you’re up for it.

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4. Mar del Plata

Looking for some more excitement? Mar del Plata has it. This beach town, just a few hours south of Buenos Aires, is more like a beachside city. Mar del Plata is Argentina’s oldest beach resort town, dating back to the 1800s. Join the crowds of beachgoers along the 10 miles of soft white sand and clear turquoise sea. Mar del Plata often gets crowded with foreign tourists and Argentinians tourists alike, so if its peace and quiet you’re looking for, you may be unlikely to find it here. Mar del Plata is full of resorts, top quality restaurants, and plenty of things to do if you need a break from the beach for a bit.

Mar del plata Argentina

5. Rio Correntoso

Not technically on an ocean, but Rio Correntoso is still a beach. The area sits in the lake district in southern Argentina, in Neuquen and offers up fresh lake water to cool down after days of hiking the trails and mountains of the region. Take a kayak and paddle through the bright blue waters, dive in and cool down, or lay out a towel on the golden sand and catch some sun. Whatever you choose to do, Rio Correntoso is the perfect spot. The little lake town has charming cabins, restaurants, and cafes for you to enjoy.

Lake correntoso Argentina

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