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Beautiful Days Festival is one of the most ‘chilled’ UK festivals. This year’s fun theme is ‘Rock The Boat,’  so get ready to have an awesome time dressed as a pirate, mermaid, sailor or even a giant salmon. Here are some top tips to help you get the most out of the weekend.

Beautiful Days Festival Guide
Photo by Beautiful Days Festival

1. Embrace the theme

Use your imagination to embrace this year’s water theme and come prepared with a costume (or three!)

2. Car parking

Car parking passes are $20 for the whole weekend and can be purchased on arrival

3. Relax and watch a play

There will be a theater tent on the festival site with different acts and plays — and it makes  a perfect place to unwind after all that dancing

4. Kid-friendly

Beautiful Days Festival is one of the most family-friendly festivals in the UK. If you’re coming with kids, make sure they have your phone number written on their arm, or in their pocket — just in case!

 5. Snacks and more snacks

If you’re coming with children — pack snacks! The food stands are expensive, and we all know kids get hungry quickly.

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Beautiful Days Festival Top Tips
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