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For the adventurous travelers seeking new destinations on Africa’s west coast, Senegal offers plenty. The wealth of natural attractions, history from French colonial times and prior, and the active coastal capital of Dakar are just a few of the main draws. Of course, travelers headed to Senegal have already checked off all the boxes at other better-known destinations and are looking for something a little more out there and a little more interesting. In that spirit, we’ve picked out the best Airbnbs in Senegal that aren’t about covering the basics. These properties are for those of you out there looking for adventure. Without further ado, here are our top choices.

Artist’s Bedroom by the Ocean

best airbnbs in Senegal
Photo by Arielle

Imagine waking up to waves crashing on rocks and an ocean breeze coming in through the window. Then spend the rest of the day working with artist homeowners living below you on whatever projects they have going, relaxing on the small beach nearby, and then going to bed to the same beachfront soundtrack.

The owners of this home on Ile de Ngor, an island off Dakar, offers a private bedroom on the top floor that’s an artists dream. As if the ocean view wasn’t enough, the house is full of mosaics. The floors and walls are covered in rainbows of different mosaic projects. The bedroom itself looks out on the ocean and the small beach is just a quick walk away. It’s far from luxurious as the bathroom is outside, but it’s another form of paradise.

Eco-Compound in Dakar

best airbnbs in dakar

What if you’re headed to Dakar with a group? This three-bedroom home located at the end of a dead end street in a quiet friendly neighborhood is a perfect home base for city exploration. The owners are both Belgian doctors who have set up multiple eco-friendly properties in the city and live a few minutes from the house.

Our favorite part is the jungle-like courtyard filled with palms and other vegetation. Dinner in the leafy courtyard would be the perfect way to end a day of city exploring.

Room in an Island Mansion

Senegal best airbnbs
Photo by Olivier

What about for travelers looking for a little more exclusivity?  The island of Goreé is a former slave trade center that today is home to a handful of colorful mansions and some of the most beautiful scenery in the region.

This room in the Chez Olivier Mansion looks like somewhere James Bond would stay while on some “go to the end of the world and yet still find luxury” mission. With the sea breeze coming through the window, beaches just seconds away, a garden courtyard for lounging, a colonial museum just minutes away, and the peace of the quiet island giving you a respite from the outside world, leaving will be the hardest part.

M’Bour Villa by the Ocean

best airbnbs in dakar
Photo by Laurence

Roughly 50 miles south along the coast from Dakar lies M’Bour, a city of just over 200,000 set right on the beach. We picked out this beachside villa for the group of luxury travelers who greatly value both their privacy and luxury.

The villa is hidden under palm trees about one hundred meters from the waves. The beach is spotless and the chairs and umbrellas provide ideal chill spots, but if that routine gets old, there’s a large pool for those seeking a changeup. The house itself is modern with big screen tv’s, high ceilings and smart furnishings. There are three beds and baths and the host says up to six are welcome.

M’Bour Huts by the Pool

Senegal best airbnbs

We picked this property for travelers looking for a simple getaway. One in which they can unwind, get some pool time, hit the beach, enjoy their privacy, but still be close to some friendly neighbors ready to give them tips on the rea if needed.

The huts (really more like small houses) each have a bedroom and bathroom and open up directly to the pool. The property itself is active with the owner’s family nearby and two friendly dogs patrolling the territory. The family will even arrange transport from the airport in Dakar and hire a driver to help you explore the area. All this makes the huts an excellent relaxation spot and home base for exploring.

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