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There is no shortage of travel apps out there, all promising to streamline your trip and relieve stress. So of all the options: What is the best app for travel?

The king of the travel app jungle is Google Trips. To make it to the top of our list, an app has to be multipurpose in nature. Single-purpose travel apps can be great, but travel is complicated so your first download should be an app that cuts through the complexity and organizes multiple pieces. Google Trips is the swiss army knife of the travel app world. It puts hotel, tour and rental car booking options all in one place. But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve arrived at your chosen destination quickly and easily (thanks to the fact that Google Trips kept your itinerary organized and all in one place) you can hit the street and get location-based activity suggestions complete with reviews. It’s like having a team of scouts that travel ahead of you and check out all the locations you might like.

What is the best app for travel
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But you don’t have wi-fi, you say. No sweat. Google Trips works without a wi-fi connection and doesn’t use up roaming data. Location-based suggestions are derived from your bookings and from data collected from your Google searches, Google Maps searches and the emails you send in Gmail. A little scary maybe, but this app may very well be one step ahead of you.

So there are a lot of good apps out there, but Google Trips stands alone. Go ahead and check it out. It might just have your next trip planned out already.

For more on travel apps check out our list of the best apps for smartphones.

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What Is the Best App for Travel?
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