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couchsurfing as a guy
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Being a guy searching for a Couchsurfing host is rough business. It just is. Pick whatever cultural explanation you want — people feel more comfortable with women, male hosts are looking for sex, solo male travelers scare people. The list goes on. The trend isn’t going to change anytime soon, so let’s focus on how to work around this disadvantage and adjust your search. So, what are the best Couchsurfing cities for guys?

Think about competition. Big cities are hotspots and you are just another fish in the sea. Two options. One, develop your profile. Explain why you’re interested and trustworthy. To build a decent profile you need to put thought into your bio. Maybe even show it to some friends and get feedback. Think about what kind of message your profile picture sends as well. Once again, try this out on another set of eyes and be open to feedback.

Two, look in the suburbs if you don’t think you can crack it at the highest level of competition. That might mean staying outside the city and getting familiar with public transportation for a while. Not ideal, but you’ll have more luck.

Let’s talk about regions. Italy and Spain are known for being especially difficult turf for male surfers. Some attribute this to a generally macho culture in which guys are less likely to open their homes to solo male travelers. Don’t think macho as in big tough dudes working construction and driving pick up trucks. Think more along the lines of gender roles. Men opening their homes to other men isn’t quite as accepted.

On the other hand, Turkey, Morocco, and Iran get good reviews from Couchsurfing guys. Are they less popular in terms of tourist traffic? Yes. All three countries have strict gender roles, but don’t see the tourist overload that Italy and Spain are accustomed to.

An old baseball term might be the best way to describe the best male surfing strategy: “Hit em’ where they ain’t.” In regular English: Focus on an area where your competition isn’t quite as intense. If you’re set on popular tourist destinations, focus on building up your profile.

And if you’re totally striking out on Couchsurfer, expand your search and check out our search engine. It allows you to search not only for Couchsurfing options but hotels, Airbnb’s, hostels and much more. So hang in there, surfer. Sometimes you have to wait for the best waves.

Best Couchsurfing Cities for Guys?
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