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“I figure, if a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one.” – Calamity Jane

We’re taking a page from Jane’s book and planning our next adventures, and what better way to get inspired than with some of our favorite female Instagrammers? We’ve rounded up a list of our top eight accounts to follow, chosen not only by their insatiable taste for wanderlust, but also because these women have created close-knit communities for women in travel around the world.

The Travel Women (@thetravelwomen)

With incredible pictures taken “for women by women”, @thetravelwomen is a gorgeous Instagram account that is both interesting and inspiring. Additionally, the Travel Women blog is filled with wonderful travel stories written by passionate ladies just like you, along with tips and tricks to help you throughout your travels.

Beauty in every detail. Thanks @jasminesjarif for tagging #TheTravelWomen #arizona #nature #photooftheday

A photo posted by The Travel Women (@thetravelwomen) on

Girls vs Globe (@girlsvsglobe)

Founded by @girlvsglobe (notice that this one is girl, not girls), @girlsvsglobe is run by a fun-loving, adventurous community of ladies who aspire to inspire travel-loving women to go out and see the world. With an accompanying blog, this community is the perfect package for all of the globe-trotting women out there.

Dame Traveler (@dametraveler)

Miss Nastasia Wong is a pretty incredible woman. Not only has she seen a large portion of our beautiful planet, but she has also found the time and energy to record her travels in both photo and word form in order to share them with the world. Her lovely pictures can be found on Instagram (@dametraveler), and her blog (dametraveler.com) boasts all of her written work.

Wanderful (@sheswanderful)

If you are interested in joining a community of like-minded women, Wanderful is probably the place for you! While the Instagram account is pretty to look at, the real fun is found on the website (sheswanderful.com). This site includes a blog as well as an amazing community of passionate female travelers which you are invited to join. Want to meet some of these travelers in person? Consider attending the upcoming “Women in Travel” Summit hosted by Wanderful.

She Is Not Lost (@sheisnotlost)

If you are looking for some gorgeous inspirational photography, this Instagram account has got you covered. It’s the perfect place for “female travelers who are finding their way”, as it offers breathtaking views that are certain to have you packing up for your dream trip right away.

? @tatianachahine is Not Lost ? in Cebu, the Philippines #sheisnotlost

A photo posted by @sheisnotlost on

Darling Escapes (@darlingescapes)

Looking to read some incredible travel stories written by female travelers? Or have one you’d like to contribute? Darling Escapes has just the blog for you at darlingescapes.com. The travel stories on this site are well-written, and the photography on the accompanying Instagram account is to die for. Follow their Instagram for inspiring images in your feed on a regular basis.

Land of colours || ? via @zuri.q || ?India || #darlingescapes

A photo posted by #DarlingEscapes For Feature (@darlingescapes) on

We Are Travel Girls (@wearetravelgirls)

Want some fun travel images to fill your Instagram feed? Be sure to follow @wearetravelgirls. While you’re at it, head on over to their blog at wearetravelgirls.com. The site features five new stories every week, so you are sure to find something new and interesting to read every time you visit.

Ladies Gone Global (@ladiesgoneglobal)

Are you a career-driven travel enthusiast? If so, Ladies Gone Global is the community for you. Their Facebook page is filled with photos of women—not unlike you—who have managed to balance travel with a career and are living the dream. Want to join in their conversations and fun? Be sure to visit them on Facebook!

If you are a female traveler, we are certain you will enjoy following these Instagram accounts and feeling inspired on a daily basis. However, it is important that you don’t sit idly by and let the ladies featured on these accounts have all the fun. Make sure to get out into the world, hit the road, buy a plane ticket, and see and do everything you possibly can!

IT’S HAPPENING LADIES! So, for the travelling/working ladies who don’t want to drop everything to travel, now there is a space for you! Follow the link in the bio to join the LGG Facebook group! ? This group is for the women who want both. Here we can post about job opportunites, how to get into certain fields, how to find remote work, flexible career options etc etc etc! LGG has always been about empowering you to choose the life you want and with this group you will now be able to chat to the other amazing women that are part of this platform. ? INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! LET’S DO THIS LADIES! ? See the last post for even more about this! Thank you to ALL of you for the crazy response today! ? And thank you to the beautiful @ninelly_ for sharing this incredible shot with #ladiesgoneglobal ? I will always be such a huge fan and your photos just get better! ?

A photo posted by ✈join +70k female travellers ? (@ladiesgoneglobal) on

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8 Best Instagram Accounts for Female Travelers
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