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The best places to stay in Paris really depend on what you’re looking for. Paris is well known for its luxury, style and glamor, but you don’t need to be a fashion diva to find your sweet spot, as there are areas for all types of travelers in the city. These four neighborhoods are some of the best places to stay in this iconic city.

The Marais

In this neighborhood, you’ll find a buzz of bars and cafes as well as a bustling nightlife. The beauty of Paris shines through with old mansions, designer boutiques, numerous galleries and museums in these narrow streets.

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Photo by John Towner

St Germain

Here is the most historic neighborhood and also offers a trendy and chic vibe. Known for the haunts of Parisian bohemians and intellectuals in times gone by, this neighborhood is now an elegant, relaxed and seriously upmarket place to live.


Maybe the most romantic area of all, Montmartre is the artistic home to Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Renoir. This neighborhood is rife with Paris’s authentic charm. Previously a hilltop village outside of the city walls, Montmartre offers a striking view over the city.

The Latin Quarter

Probably the best bet for students and budget-minded tourists, the Latin Quarter offers inexpensive to moderately priced accommodations as well as an active nightlife.

adventures in Europe
Photo by Jimmy B
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Where Are the Best Places to Stay in Paris?
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