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No matter what types of stories, debates or conversation you like to listen to, these three podcasts are definitely worth downloading before you hit the road.

1. The Moth – This live storytelling event contains recordings of shows from all over the world. Lasting from 15 to 55 minutes long, the episodes’ stories range in nature, theme, and delivery, meaning that this podcast will bring you through a rollercoaster of emotions.

What Are the Best Podcasts for Road Trips?
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2. Invisibilia – A relatively new podcast, NPR’s Invisibilia is all about exploring the ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions that shape human behavior. Stories of individual human experiences are analyzed alongside new psychological discoveries and investigations in brain science. From disturbing to contradictory to downright fascinating – the “invisible” forces explored in this podcast will lead to some pondering and interesting conversations on the road.

3. Freakonomics – This podcast is based on the largely successful book Freakonomics, published in 2005 by a journalist-economist duo. Dynamic dialogue reveals their curious observations of the world by exploring the puzzles and paradoxes of everyday life and quirks of human nature. Topics range from cheating to sports, to whale excrement will keep you intrigued and wanting more.


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What Are the Best Podcasts for Road Trips?
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