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Solid planning can make a trip and almost everyone would do it if it was a little easier. A number of iPhone apps do make trip planning easier and more convenient. So what are the best travel apps for iPhone? 

Google Trips

Leading the pack these days is Google Trips. The lazy traveler’s dream, Google Trips puts everything in one place so you don’t have to bounce from site to site booking hotels, tours, and car rentals. A daily itinerary organizer and location-based activity suggestions complete with reviews are sweet bonuses. The apps even provide information without internet so you can map out day-to-day plans during your flight.

What Are the Best Travel Apps for iPhone?
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From a communication standpoint, Whatsapp is an absolute must. A simple texting app, it is the definitive favorite alternative to standard SMS messaging. That girl you met at the bar isn’t going to use iMessage so you better be well versed in the ways of Whatsapp. In addition, wi-fi calling means you don’t have to worry about expensive international calls. If the wi-fi signal is strong, the call quality is excellent. Be sure to add a profile picture as well.


The best app for business travelers might be Flightstats, a service that allows travelers to check in on flights statuses around the world. For a business person hopping from city to city, knowledge of delays is critical. And if you know the weather is taking a turn for the worse in a certain region, you can check your plane’s flight path to see if it might be affected.


For a more in-depth look at common large city tourist destinations, Guides by Lonely Planet is a good pick. Although it covers only 38 cities, the coverage is comprehensive, offering roughly 1,000 points of interest for each covered city.

As if this wasn’t easy enough already, all of the mentioned apps are free. So no more excuses. Get out there!

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What Are the Best Travel Apps for Smartphones?
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